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Repackaged and renamed for a brave new future.

<span class="bold">2064: Read Only Memories</span>, the unconventional cyberpunk adventure, is now heading into 2064 armed with delicious voice-acting, new puzzles, new writing, plus several other surprises. And they're all free!

Were you always wondering how some of your favorite Neo-San Francisco citizens might sound like? Tour the city with Turing, looking for your next big scoop, and reunite with Brian, Ramona, TOMCAT, Melody, Lexi, and all the other cyberpunks. Solve some tricky new puzzles, find neat surprises, and enjoy the lovely banter, now featuring voices provided by talented professionals like Melissa Hutchison, Sarah Elmaleh, Erin Yvette, and Jim Sterling.

This is the perfect opportunity for you and your adorable ROM unit to roam the streets of Neo-San Francisco and make some charming new <span class="bold">2064: Read Only Memories</span>. Been there before? Well, nothing wrong with going back for some free new content - it's only human.
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Thank you for the free update. Will download it right now.
So that's what that update yesterday was.
"Quick! Edit the announcement video that says January 17th!"

...nonetheless, great that it landed here eventually. :) :)

Ultimately, the voice cast is just what put this game on my radar.

Terry McGovern is one of my absolute favorites. Especially since this video.

Put him in the announcement text already, GOG. Heck, I don't even care if he has just two lines. Man's a genius.

Not that I don't absolutely dig Meli "Clementine" Hutch as the protagonist as well. :)
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Wow, never seen this game here before. Might get it later, definitely taking note of it now.
Thank you for free update.
Even previous humble bundle got upgraded with separate old version.
rom.jpg (44 Kb)
amrit9037: Thank you for free update.
Even previous humble bundle got upgraded with separate old version.
So it did! Completely cool!

Now time for GOG to get this on connect so I can flip it from Humble to Steam to GOG.
Funny, I installed it today because I needed a game for my old Ubuntu tablet, not knowing about it. It would have been quite the surprise when playing. Now those "old version" files make sense. Thank you!
I had begun this game time ago but lost my savegame. I'm happy that my second run will be different.
Never heard of this before. I see the base game is not on special so I have wishlisted it for now :) Looks fantastic though.
This is absolutely awesome - thank you for the free update! :D
Anyone could make the new version for Linux work on Ubuntu 14.04? I get a black screen and quits.
Free update? too expensive.

Its a pile of drek. Please dont waste your money.