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Sorry for being late... wrote this up in notepad and am now having a hard time posting it. Maybe I have to wait for someone else to post in the thread???? I dunno.

Welcome to the 2017 World Series Guess Thread, where you can make ONE POST listing ONE TEAM that you think will win the 2017 Major League Baseball World Series. If you are the first to post the right team, in an UNEDITED post in this thread, you win $50.00 worth of GoG games. And, because my favorite team (Washington Nationals) are in the running, if they win, I will DOUBLE THE WINNINGS to $100!!! I have loved baseball since the early 1960's, and went to several Washington Senators games as a kid back then. Then, the team I loved in the sport I loved moved away in 1972 and for over 30 years I had no home team to root for (I live in the Washington DC suburbs of Virginia). But in the year 2005, a magical thing happened. The Montreal Expos left the city of Montreal and moved to Washington to become the Washington Nationals!!!! My full love of the game and team returned!!!! And if I should finally, for once in my lifetime, see my team win the whole thing...... well worth doubling this pot to $100.

The rules and some points are explained in this thread:

But I will restate the basics. Each GoG user may make ONE POST in this thread and guess ONE TEAM. When the World Series is over and we know the winner, I will then look down this thread and the FIRST user who posted the correct team in their FIRST POST and that post is 100% UNEDITED, that person is the winner!!

And I want to reiterate, if you see my join date, I've been here forever. I'm not going away (unless of course I die). So, if the winner wants even more bang for their buck, THERE IS NO EXPIRATION DATE, (other than my death I guess) and you may wait until the right sale, or the right game, or the right whatever comes along. YOUR WINNINGS, YOUR CHOICE. AND, you can piecemeal it. Meaning, you may claim $20 today, $10 next week, and another $20 during the holiday season sales.... or whatever you want. YOUR WINNINGS YOUR CHOICE.

Below I'm going to list the teams that have at least a possibility (as of today, Sept 24, 2017) of winning the 2017 World Series (the World Series is scheduled for late October where the MLB AL Champions will play the MLB NL Champions in a series of game where the winner of four out of seven games becomes World Series Champions).

There are two Leagues in Major League Baseball... The American League and The National League. Each League has 5 teams qualify for the Post-Season. Each League will play a series of games between those 5 teams to determine each League's champion. And then, in late October, the American League Champions will meet the National League Champions in the 2017 World Series. In each league, there are basically THREE levels of post season series prior to the World Series. The first to occur are between the two "wild card" teams (the two teams in each league that didn't win their division but made the post season because they had the two best non-Division winning records) and this "series" is actually a one game playoff... where the winner advances and loser is out. There will then be 4 teams left in each league, and two each will face each other in what is called the Divisional Series. This series is the best 3 out of 5 games where the 2 winners move along and the two losers are out. The two winners of each league's Division Series will then meet in the League Championship Series, which is a series of games where the winner is the first to 4 out of 7 games. Then, as stated, each League Champion will meet in the 2017 World Series.

And you should know... there are 30 teams in Major League Baseball. But there is only one, ONE TEAM, that has NEVER, EVER, E.V.E.R. won a single, solitary, post season series (much less the whole championship thing). That team? The Washington Nationals. So... if you choose them for the possibility of doubling.... you'll see what you're up against. They have never, in their history in Washington OR Montreal, won a single Post Season Series. Only team of the 30 that can that.
Welp, since I'm Californian, I gotta go with the L.A. Dodgers. Thanks for the giveaway!
Heh, dammit. I totally saw that coming and tried to scare you off in the other thread.
Okay, so here are the teams with at least a possibility of winning:

In the American League there are FOUR teams that are absolutely, positively, 100% clinched into the post season and thus have a chance. These teams are:

1)The Boston Red Sox (91 wins, 64 losses... .587 winning percentage). AL Post Season clinched, and they have a 5 game lead with only 7 games to play to clinch the AL East Division, most people's pre-season pick to win it all. Good year, but not as good as many predicted.

2) The Cleveland Indians (97 wins, 58 losses.. .626 winning percentage). AL Central Division Champions, and by far the hottest team right now. They recently set a new, ALL-TIME American League record by winning 22 STRAIGHT And since that streak they've only lost two I believe. They have won something like 28 out of 30 or something like that. By far the best playing team right now.

3) The Houston Astros. AL West Division Champions (95 wins, 59 losses... .617 winning percentage). This team was a bit of a surprise this year, but they have performed well all year long and made a big trade late in the year to aquire a top notch pitcher (Justin Verlander) from the Detroit Tigers and he's really solidified their starting pitching.

4) The New York Yankees. Clinched a wild card at least, with a chance for the AL East division but a very, very, very slim chance. (86 wins, 69 losses... .555 winning percentage. These guys were also a bit of a surprise. They were supposedly rebuilding this year but their young team has performed well enough to qualify for the post season.

Those four are IN.

The FIFTH and final AL team is almost certainly going to be the Minnesota Twins (82 wins, 74 losses... .526 winning percentage) They were a long shot to make the playoffs this year and will be a long shot to win it all.

THe following 5 teams in the AL all have a mathematical chance to make the post season... but it would take an almost miracle to do so.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (76 wins, 78 losses... .494 winning percentage)

In the National League, there are TWO TEAMS that are absolutely, positively, 100% clinched into the post season (and if the Arizona Diamondbacks win their game today they will become the third team to clinch).

1) The Washington Nationals. NL East Division Champions (94 wins, 64 losses... .606 winning percentage) This team was expected to win this division and they did, very handily. But as noted, they are the ONLY TEAM IN MLB that has never won a single post season series. Not one. They've made the post season three times before, but lost in their very first round EVERY TIME.

2) The Los Angeles Dodgers. NL West Division Champions (98 wins, 57 losses... .632 winning percentage) This team was so good in July August that they got to over 50 games over .500 and many were predicting they might break the all time record for wins in a season (117). They had a 21 game lead in their division... and then it all fell apart. They lost 9 in a row, something like 16 of 17... their division lead shrank to less than 10 game... but they've managed to play better the last couple of weeks, have clinched their division, and still have the best record in all of baseball.

That's it for the NL teams that have clinched.

As for those who are still alive:
1) The Arizona Diamondbacks. Almost certainly one of the wild card teams. Only need to win more game (with a week of games left) to clinch and may clinch today. (89 wins and 66 losses... .564 winning percentage)
2) The Chicago Cubs. Almost certainly the NL Central Division Champions. (86 wins, 68 losses... .558 winning percentage). These guys won the World Series last year, seemed to be in a hangover from that most of the first half of the season, but in the second half have returned to their winning ways and many believe they are still a possible favorite to repeat as Champions.

Those four are almost certainly in and the fifth and final spot is a bit up for grabs with a week to play between three teams:

1)Colorado Rockies (83 wins, 72 losses... .535 winning percentage)
2)Milwaukee Brewers (82 wins, 73 losses... .529 winning percentage)
3)St. Louis Cardinals (81 wins, 74 losses... .523 winning percentage).

That's it. That's all of the teams that have at least a mathematical chance to win.

Good luck.
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Well, if I can make a 2nd entry since the first is invalid, I'll go with the Astros.

If I'm just out, so be it.

thanks :)
Chicago Cubs
I'm sorry but I'm going to have to read the details later. Some of us are at work. :(

I guess the Houstan Astros.
BenKii: I guess the Houstan Astros.
Who are way better than the Houjim Astros.
Boston Red Sox. ^^
Minnesota Twins ? :)
The Arizona Diamondbacks did indeed win their game today, and are now OFFICIALLY the third team in the National League to clinch a post season berth. They are IN.