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Looking back at 2017 on

We made it! You made it! 2017 is almost over – and whatever your take on the world at large, only one thing can truly be said for certain: it's been a great year for all of us here at – thank you for being a part of it!

Let's take a brief look back at the year 2017...

Over 2000 DRM-free games
Our catalog passed two thousand titles in 2017 – but if you know us, you know it's not just about the numbers. These are over two thousand unique experiences that we truly believe are worth playing!

Did somebody say good old games? Well, we brought back quite a few of them this year – the really tough ones and the ones we really missed – restored by our talented teams and friends across the net. There is the Jazz Jackrabbit series – CliffyB's gaming debut; SWAT 4 – happily no longer among PC Gamer's "15 great games you can't buy digitally"; The Suffering series – with scary monsters by Stan Winston Studios; the delicious Pizza Tycoon series; many long-lost classics Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, Rise of the Dragon, Heart of China; [url=]Titanic: Adventure out of Time… and more!

But the good and old is only half the story. 2017 was an amazing year for gaming, with award winning and groundbreaking productions releasing DRM-free on If the indie revolution is behind us, then this is the renaissance!

2017 gave us Divinity: Original Sin 2 – PC Gamer's Game of the Year and this year's most popular game on! Followed by Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice – Best Audio Design, Impact, and Best Performance at The Game Awards; the niche but loveable Piranha Bytes RPG; [url=]Cuphead – winning Best Art Direction and Best Independent Game at The Game Awards; and so many others!

All in all, in 2017 alone we released nearly one quarter of our entire catalog – and it's an honor to work this closely with so many talented game developers and great publishers.

GOG Galaxy out of beta
In 2017 the GOG Galaxy client left behind its BETA tag – with a few great new features to boot! We added Universal Cloud Saves, technology which allows us to introduce Cloud Save support to classics and new games on (now nearly 300 and counting). Plus an in-game overlay, a built-in FPS counter and screenshot tool, as well as an array of expanded settings allowing you to customize the client to your needs. Anyway, that's how we earned our sense of pride and accomplishment.

We are legion
We saved the best for last – and that's you lot. As we grow in size, the GOG word spreads farther and farther out! Tens of thousands of you have joined us this year across social media and our very own channel. That's over <span class="bold">240,000 following our Twitter shenanigans</span>, more than <span class="bold">340,000 of you with us on Facebook</span>.

<span class="bold">As for</span>, we can't thank our dedicated Stream Team enough for sharing our love for games seven days a week. In 2017 we reached 50k followers – oh, it just went up to 51k – and there have been over 214600 individuals watching us so far. If you combine all our 2017 streams, we streamed for 169 days and 15 hours (that's about 45% of the year!) and if you combine all the time people spent watching our channel in 2017, you get 38 years and 272 days!

Thank you so much for being with us in 2017 – we hope your 2018 is amazing, and we can't wait to show you what's in store for this year!
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La mejor plataforma de PC en la actualidad, muchas gracias por todo! la guinda del pastel sería la traducción de la web al español, imagino que todo llegará con el tiempo.

Muchas gracias por todo!

The best PC platform today, thank you very much for everything! the icing on the cake is the translation of the web into Spanish, I imagine that everything will come with time.

Thank you so much for everything!
Congrats on that great year, it has been fairly pleasant to see that GOG keeps the pace in terms of releases, although I'd love to see more games from the nineties.

Now... If you could stop to refuse games from developers you already accepted here like the example of Zachtronic with Opus Magnum, that'll be great. I understand the curation system is there for something but things like that are silly.

There's also an effort to be made to have developers update their game here, I guess the task is also partly up to them, but efforts to improve the infrastructure and threaten to remove games that aren't updated would be better. Alternatively, update your refund policy for recent titles.

Some older games require a lot of user-tweaking to function, I'm thinking mostly about some games requiring DGvodoo and all that kind of stuff.
Congratulations GOG and thanks for the inexhaustible back-log of games to play!
If you gonna look back at a year, then also mention the less pleasant things. Because next to that some older games came to here and some returned plus some new releases there are also games deleted from the gog catalog and you're not longer able to get them, unless you already have it.
In May this year there was the announcement of Alan Wake being removed from GoG.
As a final goodbye there was a 90% discount.
Congratulations to GOG. Let's hope we can strive further and better in the next year.
Lucumo: Congratulations to GOG. Let's hope we can strive further and better in the next year.
Especially better. Can't say that i'm happy with the path that GoG follows now. Dropping Windows XP support for the older games is just bad, while they used to work on XP. Fallout 3 for example used to work on XP as well. Same goes for Sudeki. Luckily for sudeki i have the old installers, which let me play it also on my old system (pentium 4 with XP)
I purchased fallout 3 last time with the winter sale, but just discovered it only works on 7 and later. My retail copy also works on XP. Now people will probably say that XP is outdated, blah,blah, but we're talking here about older games, games which officially had XP support when they got released. There is no excuse to drop xp support for games which used to be able to play on xp. And Steam still supports XP for older games. This will cost gog customers. Also replacing older games with hd remakes is bad business. People didn't came to here to later find out their games has been replaced. This happened with Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 and with Icewind Dale 1 and 2. Probably i forgot some more. Now those who already had the originals will still have it in their catalog and you can download the offline installers from it, at least for so far now. Dunno what gog's plans are. But those who use galaxy are screwed.
Thanks GOG for a legion of releases, old and new. Special thanks to THQ Nordic for such epic releases as Spellforce 3, Elex and upcoming The Guild 3.
Happy new year GOG and thank you for being awesome.
Happy 2018 Year, GoGers.
Happy New Year everyone! \o/ =)
Happy New Year!! :))
Paraphrasing an old joke:

At 11:50 I'm going to order a pizza and when it gets here 30 minutes later I'm going to yell, "Where the hell have you been!? I ordered this fucking thing a year ago!"
Happy new year....awsome work....Just plz dont fk up GOG like gwent team fk up Gwent:)
I got into PC gaming ONLY because of GOG's DRM-free policies, as I refuse to rent my games / be beholden to an internet connection. I was thrilled to get big singleplayer experiences like Fallout: New Vegas and Dead Space, as well as lesser-known gems like The Age of Decadence. And of course for meaty games The Witcher games are an absolute revelation!! Happy new year and here's hoping for many more offline games in the RPG, survival horror, and fighting genres...I will gladly pay full price because I want to support this platform for as long as NON-galaxy is an option! With that caveat, I've had a wonderful (half a) year here! Cheers to all!
"We are legion". Menaing, you are like.... demons? O_o Who came up with such a stupid subheading?