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The holidays are the most wonderful (and stressful) time of the year. Between shopping for yourself and others, drinking hot cocoa, and traveling to visit friends and family, the season can go by in a blur.

So why not do yourself a favor this season and fire up some games that get into the spirit of the season with Xmas-themed modes and levels? We’ve got 16 awesome choices for you here, so check them out below!

16 games with Xmas themes that you need to check out

Costume Quest
Looking for something cute to play to help melt the stress away? Costume Quest is a Halloween RPG (stay with us here) where you must trick-or-treat through three beautiful environments (we promise this is Christmas related).

Even though the game is Halloween-themed, make sure to check out the Grubbins on Ice DLC! This DLC, included for free on GOG.COM, have you celebrating the in-game Yeti Fest and fighting off new bad guys and exploring new areas.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
If platforming games are more your style, make sure to check out Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams this holiday season! Not only does it have some snowy levels sprinkled throughout your adventures that are sure to get you in the mood, but there is also a Christmas level that can be chosen directly from the menu.

And the best part, the Christmas level is available for free, which is pretty great considering how much we are all spending on presents for our friends and family.

Terraria is a great game regardless of the season, but if you are looking for another excuse to start playing it again, why not now during its seasonal holiday event?

From December 15–December 31, enemies that you fight have a small chance to drop presents and in these presents are a bunch of different holiday-themed items to help expand your game even further.

The Escapists
Maybe you’ve committed to too many holiday parties this year - take some inspiration from The Escapists as you try to figure out how to break free from your many obligations.

This title is great all times of the year but get into the holiday spirit with the Christmas-themed Santa’s Shakedown map (available free) and Santa’s Sweatshop where you play as an elf. The DLC comes with the title on GOG.COM.

Serious Sam: The First Encounter and The Second Encounter
Dive deep into the holiday season in Serious Sam: The First Encounter by becoming Santa Sam. Santa Sam is only available in multiplayer but give the gift of fragging with this free skin available to all players.

Not only is Santa Sam also available in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, but this first-person title also features something a little extra - a full-blown winter wonderland level called Land of the Damned.

Are those Christmas lights or explosions?

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection
Released in 1998, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a side-scrolling platformer released by Epic MegaGames, which you may know better as Epic Games.

If side-scrolling platformers are up your alley and you’re looking to get in the holiday spirit, The Christmas Chronicles DLC adds over 40 levels, the choice of three playable characters, a level editor, and a Party Mode for you and your friends.

Starbound is a fantastic game to lose yourself in. With almost endless things to do, you can truly create your own story. It also has some great holiday features, making it a great title to enjoy while you relax during the holiday season.

You’ll be able to find a special vendor at an outpost that sells a variety of seasonal items including costumes, holiday lights and trees, candy canes, presents, and more.

And of course, there is this.

Cat Quest
This cute adventure game has you playing as a cat exploring dungeons and a huge overworld map, and while that is enough reason to play it, it’s not what landed it on this list.

In Cat Quest, you can head to the Queen's Resort in-game to start the Merry Kitmas Quest. This wonderful holiday-themed adventure will eventually lead you to meet the legendary Santa Claws, and honestly, who doesn’t want to meet a cat-themed Santa?

Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV is a huge game full of plenty of things to do, but if you’ve already beaten the game and are looking for something more to enjoy, this holiday-themed DLC is definitely worth checking out.

The city is covered in snow and lights and you’ll even see some sleighs flying around (that you, of course, can shoot down with your huge arsenal of weapons). Just note that you have to have completed the main game and have the DLC or Game of the Century version to enjoy.

Shadow Warrior 2
Looking for a first-person shooter to enjoy while you avoid your family and friends this holiday season? Shadow Warrior 2 is a great option and features many content updates to keep the action going.

It also features a Xmas mission called “Wang in the Box!” and can be activated by heading to the Wang Cave and finding the snow globe on the second floor.

Slime Rancher
If you’re looking for just an absolutely adorable game to play to help melt the stress away, look no further than Slime Rancher. This title has you building farms and collecting different types of slime and is fun for anyone.

On top of that, you can also collect ornaments throughout the world (38 different designs in total) and decorate trees with them to really get into the holiday spirit.

In the Overcooked: Gourmet Edition there is plenty to love, but even more, if you are looking for some sweet holiday additions.

The Festive Seasoning DLC adds things like the Winter Lodge, reindeer and snowman chefs, delicious turkey dinner and stew recipes, a full wintery world map, Santa hats, and... a flamethrower.

Overcooked 2
Much like Overcooked: Gourmet Edition, Overcooked 2 doesn’t shy away from some holiday-themed events.

In the sequel, you’ll get the chance to experience The Kevin's Christmas Cracker DLC which includes 5 Xmas kitchens, 3 recipes, and both elf and snowman chefs! So avoid cooking in real life, and instead, master some recipes in this digital world!

Stardew Valley
One of the most calming and enjoyable games to release in recent memory, Stardew Valley is full of charm and during the winter harvest season, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the snow-covered town.

On top of that, make sure to participate in the Feast of the Winter Star on the 25th day of the winter season to experience a truly joyful event. Just don’t forget your present for the secret gift exchange!

One of the great classics of our generation, Undertale can also be a great game to help get into the holiday spirit.

While playing, make sure to visit the wonderfully quaint town of Snowdin. It’s snow-covered landscapes and warm-looking houses are sure to put you right into the spirit, so grab a mug of hot cocoa and explore the night away.

Whether you like first-person shooters, cooking simulations, or farming, there is something on this list for you this holiday season.

What do you think? What are some of your favorite holiday-themed games and expansions? Share them with us in the comments below, we’d love some new recommendations to check out!
What about Solstice?
Timboli: Was gonna check out, Saints Row IV, but it seems to be blocked for me.
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Timboli: Who'd have thought that would work. Thanks. :-)
You're very welcome. We Germans have to deal with a lot of censorship, and thanks to this great community I came to have some of the blocked games anyway, so I'm glad I could return the favour to someone.
Timboli: Who'd have thought that would work. Thanks. :-)
toxicTom: You're very welcome. We Germans have to deal with a lot of censorship, and thanks to this great community I came to have some of the blocked games anyway, so I'm glad I could return the favour to someone.
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Rise of the Triad
has christmas music and some minor graphical variations when you play it during the festive season