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high rated
Edit: This giveaway has ended and the winners will be announced soon.

As I have just reached 100 rep, I would like to celebrate this milestone with a small giveaway. :)
The following games are the ones that I am giving away:


If you would like to win one of the games please read the following rules: (RTFR :P)

-you need to have at least 5 rep
-you need to have registered before June 2015
-please tell me which game you are interested in
-please write a few sentences about why you are interested in the game.
-If you're in please state either of the following: "This is a humble giveaway." "This is an epic giveaway!"

-if you win you have to redeem the code yourself
-the winners will be randomly picked by me (I guess that's paradox but you know what I mean)
-this giveaway will be over as soon as I say so :)

Also, any bumping of this thread will be appreciated

Good Luck.
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Not in, but nice of you to do a giveaway - and congratulations on reaching 100 rep!
This, sir, is especially epic giveaway. You've got a great collection of games right here, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. :)

I'm applying for Silver if that's ok. Why? It's the game I look up every sale on GOG. And each time I end up passing it over for something else, on account of having no trust in a game that has JRPG vibe. Ironic, coming from someone who is glued to Persona and other SMT games. I'm hoping to find out if Silver falls in with Persona or those other hated JRPG titles. Small gods of Ankh-Morpork have smiled on me with your generous giveaway. If you don't choose me, I understand. Gods of Discworld are fickle things, offering hope with one hand and snatching it away with another. Yeah, I'm also a huge fan of late Terry Pratchett and his work.

Congrats on reaching 100 rep from me. And +1 to move you along towards 200. ;)
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"This is an epic giveaway!"
I'm in for
Gothic 2 gold edition
thank you very much :D

And why am I in for that game?
I've played Gothic 2 before but only the regular release, so I'm very much eager to explore the new stuff that was in that addon I haven't played before :D. I remember it being kinda demanding though, on controls and combat system, but perhaps I'll remember how to go through the game once again :D
+ I actually never finished the game. I managed to get to the last act of the game where the whole area becomes infested with orcs and I'm supposed to go fight the undead dragon or something but I gave up on that lol :D.
0Grapher: humble or epic?
0Grapher: humble or epic?
ZFR: Yes
Aaaargh! *FATAL ERROR* beep beep beep *REBOOT OF AI INITIATED*
I'm not in, but this is a fine selection of games. +1

Here is a question: Where / how are the games redeemed on humble or epic? Do you get a Steam or GOG key? Do you get a download link directly from them? Do you get updates or support for the games?
"This is an epic giveaway!"

I'm in for SILVER. I took a look at the game description and it looks appealing to me. Don't want to spoil myself more so I can't give you more detailed reasons.
Yippee for 100 rep. I am not in but will do a little celebratory dance for you.
Gede: Here is a question: Where / how are the games redeemed on humble or epic? Do you get a Steam or GOG key? Do you get a download link directly from them? Do you get updates or support for the games?
I see what you did there.
Maybe I should have used a different word... :P

+1 but not in :)

Reminds me I need to finish Gothic 2 someday...
This is an epic giveaway! ... unless the games are Humble Bundle keys, in which case this is obviously a Humble giveaway!

I'm in for Silver, because I loved the game when it first came out, but my hard copy doesn't work any more :-( So yay for GOG for making this playable again and YAY! for you, for giving it away!
thank you but i am not in :)
not in but great giveaway +1 to you