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Very nice! Definitely an epic giveaway!
Oh the memories!
Not in
Congratulations, and thanks for this giveaway!

Not in, but +1 for your generosity!  :-)
This is an epic giveaway!
I'm in for GOTHIC 2. Since 2007, a friend has always praised the Gothic series and even borrowed me his retail Gothic 3(yes, the third title, he actually played them like this: 3 then 2 and then 1), but it didn't run on my computer at that time. So now, I would like to try one title from the Gothic series to see it for myself, and who know, maybe I'll pick the others as well. And I'm pretty sure that now I can run any game on my current system! Especially any Gothic title.
Thank you for the giveaway.
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"This is an epic giveaway!"
I'm in for
The Cat Lady
The Penumbra Collection
because i like horror game but i don't have enough money to buy it.
high rated
This giveaway is closed. If you won a game then I have sent you a chat message as well.

The following users won a game in this giveaway:
kmonster: Silver
XYCat: Gothic 2
sanfueg: Gothic 2
NoxTM: Penumbra
DragonLich: Cat Lady

I'm sorry If you didn't win a game.
Congratulations everyone!!!! NICE and enjoy! Nice job 0Grapher!
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Congratulations for your rep and the winners.