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Gamedec visits Turkey and Korea! You have asked for it a lot; the biggest thread on our steam discussions is associated with a Turkish localization request; we couldn’t ignore that. Therefore the day has come; Gamedec has Turkish and Korean subtitles now!

Of course, that’s not all that we have prepared for you in this patch; what you can expect is long waited Axis Mundi re-design; many of you have provided us with your feedback regarding that location in the reviews and other discussion threads. We have realized that Axis, which is the ending and story climax, could be better, so we had to make some improvements here :)

It’s not everything; we have partial voice-overs, cinematic subtitles, more bug fixes; you can find a Jukebox in the Gamedec’s apartment, so now you can solve cases while listening to the whole playlist of truly wonderful tracks made by Marcin Przybyłowicz and the orchestra!

But there is still more! Just take a look:


- Partial Voice overs were added 
- Non-verbals were added 
- Two new languages were added: Turkish and Korean 
- The game logo was made for the Korean and Chinese languages 
- The Jukebox was added to the Apartment 
- The cinematic now has subtitles in all languages 
- Quest Log was improved by adding new quest marks 
- The dialogue list widget was improved  
- Dyslexic font now works better with UI 
- Tutorials were improved with new icons 
- The Codex now has new icons and sorting of entries 
- Some gamepad improvements were added 
- Some issues with the game freezing permanently during loading were fixed 
- Fixed audio when going back to the main menu 
- The codex entries in the first location won’t appear all at once anymore 
- General performance was improved 
- General fixes in text formatting 

Like Father Like Son: 

- Quest “Find out more about Trolls” is now possible to complete 
- Fixed an issue with the game crashing after trying to get out of the Theatre 
- Drinking with Panisantor won’t block the game anymore 
- Ramon's quest was fixed – going with two quest branches at the same time won’t be possible now 

Harvest Time: 

- Quest with Lea-Anne was improved: fixed dialogues and quest log 
- New dialogue lines at the end of the case 
- Some interactions with the farmers were fixed 

Fallen Hero: 

- The Trolls will now be friendlier towards Gamedec if he sides with them 

Knight’s Code: 

- Empty dialogues were fixed 
- Lines at the loading screen after going out of the virtualium were fixed 

Axis Mundi: 

- The movement on the level was significantly improved 
- It’s now possible to reset the colors without leaving the platform 
- New codex entries were added 
- The deduction was re-designed 
- Improvements in the Quest Log were made 
- New dialogue lines were added 
- It’s now possible to have an alternate ending with Eleanor 
- Minigame in the Gallery was improved 

Paradise Lost: 

- Some dialogue lines in the last location were fixed 
- The outcome line which relates to Panisantor was fixed 

This is the biggest patch we have released yet, we’re happy that we deliver the things you have asked for, and we are extremely thankful for all your feedback since the premiere <3

We want to make great games; thanks to you, we learn and develop to be better!

Till the next time!