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This is bothering me. Last week I took notice that Gal Civ 3 was on sale here on GoG, but not the expansions (not a single one of them). Games like this I usually simply buy it all because with that amount of DLC it's nearly impossible for the base game to be a complete experience, particularly since there is a Gold edition and an Ultimate edition on Steam. So I didn't buy the game then.

Now there is a sale on Steam, but there both the base game and all expansions are on sale, plus the discount for the Gold and Ultimate editions. I usually don't buy games on Steam that are avaiable on GoG (even if I have to pay a little extra), but that's such a massive difference in price that I was left wondering.

Are the expansions ever on sale here as well? Should I wait for such a sale (base game + expansions) or should I give up and just buy the Steam version (or never buy it, like, nowhere)?

Oh, and since this is Stardocks we are talking now, I have just realized they released the latest expansion and patch for Gal Civ 3 here on GoG, unlike what they did with Sins of a Solar Empire (forever without the latest DLC). Does anyone know what is happening with GOG and Stardock? Has there been any disagreements and else?
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And yet again... are the DLC never on sale here? Come on!
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It is discounted right now on the "empire's" shop. Base game and all DLCs are bundled. Not DRM free but with mod support. Hmmm.