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I just looked at the downlaods for Gal Civ 3 and now I see this:

"The above installer includes GOG Galaxy client for the full experience and the best support of all features for the game, including: auto-updates, multiplayer, achievements. "

I don`t want a 3rd party client. I don`t want all that. I just want the game with its usual updates.

I did not buy the game to get the GOG Galaxy Client. This is also very deceptive because you released this WITHOUT the Client, but now you force it WITH the Client with no way to get the Non-Client versions.So now it`s Mandatory.

This is the same crap Steam pulled when it was starting off in the early years. Think we would forget? You are supposed to be DIFFERENT to Steam, not like the rest.

Post edited July 11, 2017 by Socratatus
Aaaaah, yes, I feel with you! I had that moment a few days ago ... that's what came out of it....

And no need to worry - they still offer us the non-galaxy installers. Sadly you have to click on your game in the account library and then on MORE (completely logical, isn't it?) to find a menu item named "Classic Installers"...

It is really sad how they are ruining our good old games website these days :-(...
I discovered it`s not as bad as I thought.

But... I can see they`re creeping towards a mandatory thing, where one day you`ll be FORCED to have it. Very similar to what Steam did ages ago... This seems to be the tactic now... Push something nobody wants very carefully and slowly, testing the waters. Hold back if too many complain, then push again creepily later on while advertising it`s for the Player`s "wonderful benefits". Rinse repeat until goal achieved.

Not good. Not a good sign at all.
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