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Sometimes I press the End Turn button and while the AI is doing their thing, the game engine stops processing. Everything just stops and it sits there forever. I've had this problem many times over the years and don't know what causes it and I know many others get it sometimes. I think I've figured out a workaround.

I got the problem just now and while trying to figure out at what point the freeze happens, I used the cheat code to reveal the entire map. The game never froze, the turn just processed normally. So I reloaded and hit the button again. When it froze, I started teleporting one of my ships around to where I remembered seeing battles happening and eventually a group of Torian ships started moving when I teleported my ship nearby and the turn finished normally.

So it seems like AI ships are getting stuck somehow, but they unfreeze if they're revealed on the map and the turn finishes. Crazy, but it works.
Post edited April 25, 2019 by Rooker.158