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Thats really annoying. After/During any update it asks for permission EVERY time, for EVERY DLC! And of course it forces itself into main-view regardless of what you where doing or what game you where playing it might break by doing so (thankfully nothing critical at that time).

What the f is wrong with it? >:(
I HATE notifications that force themselves into the main view and half the time crash whatever game you were playing.

The main culprit for me was Adobe updates.... i'm not even using the internet, why do i care about Adobe updates? F off

Other annoying popups;

Toshiba updates
Anti virus updates

But there is nothing in the universe more frustrating than windows updates! How many times have i turned on my computer in the morning to check an urgent email before i rush off to work.... then instead, what i get is the dreaded blue updating screen which is doing God knows what for half an hour....

Too bad about my urgent email, Microsoft says "sucked in, no email for you, mwwaaahhhh"

Then when i get to work its the same shit again when i turn on my work computer. I can see the boss frowning in my direction why is that guy sitting there twiddling his fingers instead of doing work? no, we don't need to do any work, we have time to sit around and do nothing while the almighty blue updating screen slowly winds along.