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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 3.01 (added 22 May 2018):

Base Game
- Paxton's Emporium (what is sold here btw? Hair products?) is no longer a colony wonder (it is already a galactic wonder)
- The tutorial starts now with additional ships.
- Typo fixes
- Various crash and stability fixes
- Fixed crash caused by having a unit in transit to a planet, and then the planet is destroyed via event
- Fixed crash in civ builder if you try to create a civ before starting a skirmish
- Fixed issue where the "cannot build close to starbase" error message was showing %d instead of the actual distance when loading a save game
- Fixed issue where exporting a ship design from the title screen would export a cube instead of the actual model
- Fixed text coloring issue on the "Traits & Abilities" tab button on the civ builder
- Fix to a broken first contact message
- Added a new advisor popup when its past turn 20, the player has more than 1000 credits and hasn't rushed anything yet.
- Prevented a case where after AI#1 would surrender to AI#2, the AI #2 would surrender as well. Confused? Me too.
- Synthetic life factions will no longer get the high morale events. Robots are neither happy or sad.
- Fixed crash caused by AI trying to change the fleet composition of an invasion fleet while an invasion is finishing up
- Fixed error where galaxy sizes were being disabled whenever the user's machine had the exact required amount of RAM
- The Shopping Center is again buildable
- Shopping Center now gives +30% gross income, +1 adjacency bonus to Approval and +1 adjacency bonus to population
- Fixed an issue where High Yield Farming was showing up as Intensive Farming
- Fixed an issue that made the Galactic Intelligence Agency unbuildable if you built an embassy or other diplomatic improvements in your empire
- Switched some "Planetary Defense" references in the tech tree to "Resistance"
- The AI will no longer eject colony ships with no population.
- Fixed several UI clipping issues when the UI scale is set to "Large"
- Social/military tooltip breakdowns now shows the base value for manufacturing even if Crusade is not owned.
- Reloading a save game with trade routes multiple times will no longer crash
- Fixed several other crashes
- "Missing DLC" dialog now shows the correct strings
- The galaxy preview movie now shows even if particles are turned off
- Fixed a problem where some factions couldn't be selected for MP
- Timing out when restoring a multiplayer game no longer crashes
- Planet generation system will no longer place an Arable land and a trade resource on the same tile.

- Ships with citizens on them can no longer be scavenged (prevents a stuck turn)
- Custom maps made prior to 3.0 now start arable land
- Fixed an issue where Espionage Specialization said it grants a free spy when it actually increases spy levels

- Added the ability to disable Crises to game options
- Fixed issue where switching from a government with fewer cabinet member slots, to a government with more cabinet slots, would cause there to be an entry filled with a cabinet member to be grayed out
- Commonwealths are now enabled for multiplayer
- Newly created Commonwealth factions will properly use inherited trade ships.
- Fixed crashes related to creating commonwealths with factions that award bonus mercenaries

Changelog for Patch 3.02 (added 22 May 2018):

- Added a new adviser popup when its past turn 20, the player has more than 1000 credits and hasn't rushed anything yet.
- Fixed an issue where colony list would flicker after multiple invasions
- Fix to keep players from queuing up trades through the first contact dialog and confusing the game about trade partners.
- Increased the max player count for ludicrous map size to 100.
- Fixed an AI issue that allowed freighters to go way beyond their normal range
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't upgrade Hydroponic Farms
- Removed references to the non-existent "monument" achievement
- Added the ability to trade from the first contact dialog
- Removed a merciless text dialog form the benevolent trade message
- Crash fixes
- Fixed a rare bug where if an AI surrenders to another AI, and then that AI also surrenders to you. (confused? yes so were we!)
- Fixed an issue where Uncommon nebulas in map setup produced to many nebulas
- Fixed an issue keeping the Quantum Power Plant from being build-able
- Fixed an issue blocking the Embassy if you built another Diplomatic Building
- Fixed an issue blocking the bank if you built another financial building
- Fixed an issue blocking the Labor Mission if you built another labor building
- Fixed an issue causing the Tourist Haven to block other tourism improvements
- Fixed an issue that caused the Advanced Colony Capital to provide less Morale than the building it upgraded from.
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 3.03 (added 13 June 2018):

- Increased the maximum habitable planets on all map sizes except insane
- Rebalanced Asteroid frequency to be more balanced between the settings (rare, occasional, etc) in map setup
- Rebalanced Resource frequency to be more balanced between the settings (rare, occasional, etc) in map setup
- Increased planet frequency if abundant planets are selected in map setup
- Increased habitable planet frequency if abundant habitable planets are selected in map setup
- Increased PlayerStartSpacingWideMod to 1.00 and PlayerStartSpacingNarrowMod to 0.50 to get a more even distribution of ai players
- Galactic Showcase no longer has a global effect
- Shadow Temple Diplomacy bonus increased from 0.5 to 1 and it is now a player wonder
- Advanced Colony Capital Now improves Morale 1 instead of reducing it by 1
- XenoMedical Center growth bonus changed from flat 0.1 to 0.2
- Fertility Center growth bonus changed from flat 0.1 to 0.2 and multiplier from 100 to 50
- Replication Center growth bonus changed from flat 0.1 to 0.2 and multiplier changed from 150 to 100
- Entertainment Network Morale 15% multiplier changed to a flat 2 (base game only, crusade already had this)
- Entertainment Network level up Morale bonus changed from 10% to 25% (base game only, crusade already had this)
- Stadium Morale 20% multiplier changed to a flat 3 (base game only, crusade already had this)
- Stadium level up Morale bonus changed from 10% to 25% (base game only, crusade already had this)
- Rebalanced some of the destroy planet crisis outcomes to be less catastrophic
- Increased Research Motivator research level up bonus from 1% to 2.5% per level
- Increased Research Extractor research level up bonus from 1% to 2.5% per level
- Increased Research Amplifier research level up bonus from 1% to 2.5% per level
- Krynn Consulate Influence increased from 0.2 to 1, and level up bonus increased from 1% to a flat 1 per level
- Krynn Temple Influence increased from 0.2 to 1, and level up bonus increased from 1% to a flat 1 per level
- Krynniac Mission Influence increased from 0.2 to 2, and level up bonus increased from 1% to a flat 1 per level
- Krynniac Order Influence increased from 0.3 to 3, and level up bonus increased from 1% to a flat 1 per level
- Krynniac Oracle Income increased from +10% to +25%, Influence increased from +10% to +25%, and level up bonus increased from 1% to a flat 1 per level
- Krynniac Ministry Income increased from +15% to +25%, Influence increased from +15% to +25%, Tourism decreased from +2% to +1%, and level up bonus increased from 1% to a flat 1 per level
- Increased Iridium Store Influence from 0.1 to 1
- Increased Iridium Center Influence from 0.15 to 1
- Increased Iridium World Influence from 0.5 to 2
- Increased Galactic Showcase Influence from 0.5 to 3

- Fixed a crash when upgrading a Commander to a Privateer
- Fixed an issue making the Black Market unbuildable
- Fixed an issue making the Champion's Temple unbuildable
- Fixed an issue keeping the Determined ability from applying its bonus
- Fixed an issue where Thulium Moon wasn't providing Thulium
- Fixed an issue where Durantium Cloud wasn't providing Durantium
- Fixed an issue where Promethion Refinery wasn't proving Promethion

- Fixed a an incorrect description on the Mechanic citizen
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 3.04 (added 27 June 2018):

- Increased the max players on Tiny maps from 4 to 6.
- Increased the max players on Small maps from 6 to 9.
- Increased the max players on Medium maps from 12 to 18.
- Increased the max players on Large maps from 16 to 24.
- Increased the max players on Huge maps from 24 to 36.
- Increased the max players on Gigantic maps from 32 to 48.
- Increased the max players on Immense maps from 48 to 64.
- Increased the max players on Excessive maps from 64 to 100.
- Reduced memory requirements on Large maps from 8Gb to 6Gb.
- Reduced memory requirements on Immense maps from 16Gb to 12Gb.
- Added a /NoMinSpec command line parameter that allows you to bypass minimum requirements for map sizes and player counts. Please beware that using this to bypass recommended minimums will lead to poor performance and a bad game experience.

- Fixed an issue where the Hyperion Shipyard level up bonus wasn't boosting ship points (base and crusade).
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 3.05 (added 02 October 2018):

- Added a new racial trait, Aeroponics which allows that race to build a special low yield farm on any terrain with the Xeno Adaptation technology (requires Crusade).

- When you willingly start a campaign
- a fleet may be spawned without name
- if you click on that fleet
- the result, bittersweet
- will engender a crash in our game
- Fixed the Trial by Fire achievement
- Fixed the Perseverance so it can now correctly colonize extreme worlds even if the player doesn't have the tech.
- Fixed an issue scavenging a trade ship where it wouldn't have a home port anymore.
- Fixed an end turn crash (thanks for all the reproducible saves!).
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 3.10 (added 13 November 2018):

AI Improvements
- Synthetic races are better at killing you
- Synthetic life forms will not longer try to build farms. Instead, they'll destroy the arable tiles to make room for something more useful to them.
- Crusade: AI better at gaining citizens at higher difficulty levels.

- Fertile tiles are more common.
- Mercenaries: Avatar mercenary antimatter cost increased from 1 to 5.

- Prolific ability population growth reduced from 0.2 to 0.1 (otherwise it was basically tripling initial population growth).
- Aururus Arberetum provides a % growth benefit instead of a flat so that a given player (such as an AI player) doesn't gain a disproportionate advantage from having one.
- Intrigue: Changed the "Destroyed Planets" crisis outcomes to be only "mostly destroyed"

- Custom Colors: Design your own color palettes for custom factions, ships, the UI and maps.
- Population growth now shows to 2 significant digits.
- Added a button on the title window to force sync the mods. Use this if you have subbed/unsubbed to ships or civs outside of the game and that content isn't showing up correctly.
- Crusade: Shows your leader instead of the news robot

- Fixed a few MP crashes
- Typo fixes: For extreme colonize, it is Barren, not Desert planet types.
- Base Game only: AI will not try to research Crusade specific techs.
- Mercenaries: AI no longer tries to "mine" the Bazaar
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 3.20 (added 08 January 2019):

Base Game
- Stars are placed a slightly further apart than before in order to make each system independent from others.
- AI more aggressive at sending out constructors to build starbases
- Personality traits are given much greater consideration when deciding what topics the civilization wants to discuss.
- Personality traits are now given much greater consideration for deciding what types of ships to build when at peace.
- Personality traits are now given much greater consideration when deciding what kinds of treaties and offers to give to the player.

- Diplomacy ability bonus to relations reduced from 2 to 1.

- AI manages its tax rate more effectively.
- Changed default # of colonies before a government is allowed from 3 to 2.

Heroes of Star Control
- If you don't own the either the Mercenaries or Intrigue expansion packs, you can now still get Jeff
- Jeff is already perfect and shuns your attempts to "upgrade" him
- Added custom Starbases for Mukay, Tywom, and Free Trandals (Mowlings starbases are unchanged)
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Update 3.6 (added 29 March 2019):

- Nerfed "Lossless Life Support" module
- Fixed typos in "Lossless Mining" module descriptions
- Updated Tourism bonus for the "Popular Race" trait to be flat 1 and 2% instead of multipliers of 10 and 20%
- Updated united planet tourism board to be flat with a 10% bonus (was multiplier of 100% which was crazy)
- Colonizing the Promethion Refinery precursor world now grants 5 Promethion
- Set "Virtual Vacation" to be a player wonder
- Changed "Influence Per Turn" from multiplier to flat on the Galactic Showcase
- Fixed mismatch of description and text in the "Antimatter Weapon Colonizing" event
- Tweaked pathfinding so that it doesn't attempt to find a path to the node closest to a blocked destination if the start tile is already the closest node
- Silicon-based life can terraform and colonize high level extreme worlds
- Removed farms for Synthetic lifeforms and enabled terraforming improvements and high end extreme world techs
- Fixed "Orphaned Improvements" and techs in the Retribution tech tree
- Fixed issue with Iridium tech tree failing on "Tariff Focus" specialization

- Changed it so that when you merge a fleet, it will keep a custom name for the resulting fleet. If both fleets being merged have custom names, it keeps the fleet name of the bigger fleet.
- Adjusted "Economic Warning" flavor text to fit with new conversation popup font size.
- Fixed typo in "Precursor Research Node" description.
- Improved the text alignment on the UP Resolutions window

- Fixed custom ship style sets having the wrong strategic icons. Players will have to re-save their ship style sets (and change the effect ships classes to what they want along with their text, since that is info that is saved off). Prevents players from having to remake the ship style sets and only deal with what was changed
- You can no longer assign commanders to planets
- Ships with "one per player" components can upgrade to ships with the same components
- Cleaned up code that clears/applies rebellion status to prevent edge cases where planets can flip when they shouldn't (like when the tile is owned by a commonwealth of the planet owner)
- Addressed a MP crash related to mismatched DLC
- Fixed mismatched strategic icons on some ship classes
- Fixed typos in "Plasma Arc" event

Mod fixes
- Ships created with mods now show up correctly
- Prevents crash if a tech unlocks more than 12 things at once (modders – you know who you are!)

- Fixed issue where Hypergates didn't fire any shots during battle because they didn't have range
- Changed the Hyperlane tool tip to account for the minimum move cost, so it will now show the max bonus as 900% instead of +-100%
- Removed extra space in the Korath faction description
- Added "lossless life support" back into the Retribution tech tree
- Updated Thalan conversation text to reflect that they bring in multiple ships now in mission 4
- Add basic Block Hulls to Korath Ship style
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 3.70 (added 15 May 2019):


- Choosing a distant destination on a map with Hyperlanes no longer slows the game down.
- Clarified the effect of Hyperlane bonuses in the tech tree and tooltips. Also address spurious decimal points reported here:
- Eliminated maint from first level research and manufacturing buildings.
- Culture techs now give a diplomacy skill bonus.
- Ships are more likely to use hyperlanes
- Capped how much a diplomacy modifier can affect relations based on game turn. This should greatly reduce AI erratic diplomatic behavior.
- Modified pacing options so that slow really slows things down.
- AI handles ships more intelligently on larger galaxies in terms of evaluating their target value.
- AI handles building up new colonies better later in the game
- The AI no longer uses the Government as "explorers." (aka fodder)
- Colony Capital now gives +1 raw production for every level it goes up.
- Reduced thruster hull mass modifiers to 0.05% from 25% in both Crusade and the Base game
- Fix some balance issues with weapons and growth improvements reported on the steam forums:
- Re-Enabled the Fusion Power Plant, but nerfed it to work better as a prereq to the Quantum Power plant.
- Fix mismatched description and value on Precursor Factory world for Morale value. Changed both to 4 from 10, make sure it is not OP.
- Synthetic races:
- Can build the Advanced Planet Capital and Terraforming improvements.
- Synthetics can properly colonize extreme worlds.
- Yor Manufacturing: Increased manufacturing bonus
- Yor Manufacturing: Level one adjacency value is now a multiplier ( for consistency with subsequent upgrades).
- Lost Treasures: Manufacturing wonders now give the proper adjacency bonuses

- Fixed a typo on the Quantum Power Plant
- Updated the game startup window to work with larger fonts
- Show Morale on the Planet List Entry Window
- Change Copy, Edit, and Delete buttons on the Civilization Setup Window to be icons instead of buttons.
- Fix Typo in warning message if you stacked multiple Commanders in a fleet.
- Changed "Class" to "Role" label on the Fleet tooltip.
- Changed "Type" to "Role" label in the Fleet Details window.
- Flavor text (English only) tweaks to planet descriptions.
- Grammar cleanup on the Korath.
- Tweaked the leader-game-intro screen and economy summary
- Bugs
- Ships no longer spontaneously catch fire.
- Fixed a problem where the benevolent-explorers trait wouldn't always spawn a planet:
- Fixed rare crash when an AI colonizes a planet with an artifact.
- Fix a startup crash related artifact crash and some custom factions
- Fixed bad Intrigue ship definitions in the United Earth faction
- Fixed an endless credits/research exploit detailed here:
- Custom factions based on the Terrans now use the expected solar system (earth, mars, etc.): Addresses:
- MP no longer desyncs because of mismatched custom flavor text
- Fixing moderately common crash in MP caused by the AI losing its train of thought in mid-conversation.
- Changed "Kiln of Worlds" to require Promethion instead of PromethionStone (which no longer exists)
- Extreme world colony" mercenary ships can now actually colonize extreme worlds if Crusade is installed.
- Ship designs that use components removed in Retribution can now be loaded again in [Retribution. The old deprecated components are simply ignored.
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 3.80 (added 12 August 2019):

- Galactic Civilizations III v3.8 Update Brings Major UI Changes
- Set in the 23rd century, Galactic Civilizations III is a 4X space strategy game where humans and aliens compete against each other for domination of the galaxy. v3.8 brings a few exciting changes to this already massive game, which you can read more about below.
- No more sneaky Ascensions! At the forefront of the update are changes to the Ascension notifications and UI. Each civilization's progress is now displayed on an easy-to-read progress bar, and anytime someone gains control of an Ascension crystal, an icon will alert you to it.
- The shipyard display now shows how much production is being sent to that shipyard so that you know how fast it's able to build things. The planet list views will now also show research.
- We've also made some other improvements to the UI's layout, including updating screens so that they use fonts, colors, and font sizes consistently. We've also added a feature where you can adjust the difficulty level in the middle of a game. Read the full list of changes below!

- As soon as someone controls an Ascension crystal, have an icon show up and informs you that Ascension has started. Mousing over should show you how far along each civ with Ascension is from ascending as a % bar with (turns).
- UI Layout updates
- Updated most screens to use fonts, colors, and font sizes consistently.
- Made fonts bigger wherever possible.
- General cleanup of margins and list entries wherever possible.
- Removed extra returns from the "word on the street" blurbs.
- Move some of the drop-downs in options screens to keep them from clipping.
- You can now adjust the difficulty level mid-game through the options screen (single player only).
- Starting ships don't append a number to their name unless another ship of the same design has already been spawned. This is to support custom flavorful names for core starting ships from starting ship designs
- Updated starting ship names of factions added to the game after Crusade.
- Shipyard display now shows how much production is being sent to that shipyard, so you know how fast it can build things.
- Fixed an issue causing the unit buttons from not showing up in Medium UI on the Colony List screen.
- Planet view list now displays research
- Fixed Tourism exploit in Crusade version of the Consulate
- The AI has been ordered top stop freezing time to keep its mission ships safe. (stuck turn fix)
- Addressed "word on the street" grammar and spelling mistakes
- Removed duplicate planet data in crusade and base game data folders that could potentially cause bad things(TM)
- Adjusted the choose civ screen to improve text wrapping
- Fixed alignment issue on the Drath starting screen
- Fixed a bug that prevented commanders from being assigned to United Earth ships
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 3.9 (added 28 August 2019):

- PlayerStartSpacingWideMod changed from 1.0 to 0.33
- PlayerStartSpacingNarrowMod changed from 0.50 to 0.175
- Basic Life Support range bonus increased from 0.25 to 0.30
- Large hull ship maint increased from 3 to 5
- Huge hull ship maint increased from 3 to 7
- Cultural treaties now benefit both sides
- Military Alliance treaties now benefit both sides
- Planets rebel a bit slower than before.
- AI values supply ships more when it's not at war.
- Surrender change: Surrendering players now destroy their worlds upon surrendering unless they are surrendering to a particular player in which case they will transfer their homeworld (and only their homeworld) to that player. This reduces the late game sudden explosion in micro-management of worlds the player may have no interest in. AI also destroys its ships.
- All territory in a player's ZOC is always visible. No fog of war (in your borders).
- New starbase module: "Ascension Gate Study." Allows the player to get a lot more out of the Ascension Gates.

- Shipyard won't rebuild the list of ships unless there's been a change to the resources the player has. This dramatically improves late-game shipyards screen performance.
- Improved turn times, especially late game.
- Fixed issue where disabling a DLC via command line would not have the grayed out portraits show up.
- Fixed some pixelation on the Campaign screen.
- Adjusted list container on the custom faction screen to avoid clipping of the Abilities list on lower resolutions.
- Fixed typos and grammar errors
- Added typos and grammar errors
- Shorten names that were too long
- Fixed colony list in Civilization screen showing the incorrect manufacturing stat in the column labeled for social manufacturing.
- Fixed several places in the UI that were showing incomplete or inaccurate stat breakdown tooltips for manufacturing because of missing tooltip data.
- Got rid of leftover debug UI graphics in the Promotion Stats tooltip (seen in the commander unit promotion screen).
- Fixed too-skinny approval field in the main map planet tooltip if the colony had 100% approval.
- Fixed a crash whenever an AI player surrendered over their stuff to another player.
- Changed description of Silicon-Based life to reflect that their cities were changed to use Promethion instead of Durantium.

- Reworked the way that the "Max Manufacturing" stat is shown in the stat breakdown tooltip. It now also displays the social and military manufacturing stats and their breakdowns, including the slider values when Crusade isn't enabled.
- In Crusade mode, "base research" or "base manufacturing" or "base income" are now displayed as Raw Production, to accurately reflect where that number is coming from (as opposed to being some calculated value from sliders and such in non-Crusade).
- In non-Crusade mode, fixed bug in the spending breakdown at the bottom of the manufacturing, research, and income - stat breakdown tooltips where it showed player-wide raw production or slider values instead of colony-specific ones.
- Moved "Collect Gameplay Data" option to it's position to prevent the spinner option from taking its place.
- Various flavor text changes to abilities, components, technologies, improvements to make them more clear.

- AI values hypergates much more.
- AI evaluates foreign influence before determining whether a planet should be colonized.

Crusade and Beyond
- Recently conquered planets are now immune to culture flip for 15 turns.
- Planets that have been culturally flipped have a 15 turn morale penalty.
- Planets now receive a default planetary defense bonus and a resistance bonus.
- Default colony ship loading population reduced from 2 to 1.
- Population used for filling colony ships increased from a radius of 6 to 10.
- AI ship design evaluation decreased from 20 turns to 10 turns.
- UpgradeDiscountFactor increased from 0.5 to 0.9.
- Bonuses to players playing at easier levels changed from a % to a flat.
- Civilization capital sensor range increased from 12 to 16.

Intrigue Only
- Patriot government ship loses a Railgun and a Harpoon to make it a bit less powerful.

Retribution Only
- Echoing Heartstone Artifact power reduced from 10,000 to 1,000.
- Tech Inflation increased from 2% to 2.5%.
- Starting Taxation increased from 25% to 33%.
- Galactic News earlier turn increased from turn 10 to turn 15.
- Galactic News cooldown increased from 12 to 20 turns.
- Colony Limit Max Penalty increased from 6 to 10.
- Default starting money increased from 3,000 credits to 5,000 credits.
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 3.90.5 (added 03 October 2019):

- Fixed a crash bug where the AI would go haywire if it is surrendering the same turn one of its planets rebels.

Standalone installer updated: 3.90 ⇒ 3.90hotfix ⇒ 3.90.5, but all its DLC only: 3.90 ⇒ 3.90hotfix (don't know if it's just a versioning thing).
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 3.95 (added 10 October 2019):

- New game option: On Surrender, transfer all planets. Defaults to OFF
- New game option: No FOW in your territory. Defaults to ON
- "Ascension Victory" no longers requires you to control a majority of the crystals.
- Common and Abundant asteroid frequency increased.
- When a planet gets colonized or a shipyard gets made and it sees if there is a shipyard nearby that would be in the green zone (no penalty), planet automatically becomes a sponsor.
- Eliminated the map size limitations on map sizes as long as you have at least 8GB of memory.
- "Nanite Transmitter" now has limited uses.
- "Nano Fabricator" now gives 100 manufacturing overflow.
- "Nano Fabricator" now gives a +10% Max Manufacturing bonus to the planet.
- Dodge value on high-end thrusters reduced by 3%.
- Tactical battle maximum final dodge increased from 10% to 20% (i.e. a ship always has a 20% chance to hit you).
- Base relationship penalty for approaching ascension is -2 instead of -1
- Ascension close to victory threshold lowered from 66% to 50% as there tends to be a feedback loop on accumulating points.
- Space Rockets moved from default to Militaration tech
- Retribution: Civilization capital max population increased from 8 to 10
- Race Trait changes

Base Game:
- Reduced the effect of the "Popular" race trait

Crusade and up
- Research techs for Drengin no longer have maint cost.

- Port of call is one per player instead of one per planet to align with Retribution balance
- Productive1 trait now provides 20% instead of 10% social production boost
- Production2 trait now provides 10% instead of 5%
- Clever1 now provides 15% research boost instead of 10%
- Influential1 trait now does 40% influence boost instead of 15%
- Influential2 trait now does 15% influence boost instead of 10%
- Economical1 now provides 15% gross income boost instead of 10%
- Handy1 now reduces Colony Maintenace by 50% instead of 20%
- Handy2 now reduces Colony Maintenace by 30% instead of 15%
- Popular1 tourism per planet boost reduced from 2% to 0.4% (it's still pretty huge)
- Popular2 tourism boost reduced from 1% to 0.2%
- Traders1 trade boost increased from 20% to 40%
- Traders2 trade boost increased from 10% to 15%
- Brutal1 increases soldiering from 20% to 50% now
- Brutal2 increases soldiering from 10% to 30%
- Courageous1 trait now boosts resistance from 20% to 50%
- Courageous2 trait boosted from 10% to 30%
- SharpEyed1 increases ship accuracy from 20% to 30%
- Sharpeyed2 increases ship accuracy from 10% to 20%
- Agile1 increases jamming (dodge) from 20% to 30%
- Agile2 increases jamming (doge) from 10% to 20%
- Observant1 increases sensors from 25% to 50%
- Observant2 increases sensor range from 15% to 30%

- Moved the "planet build queue" over to give the improvement list more room.
- Moved "Word on the Street" window to the Govern screen.
- Tourism on a planet displays decimals if it falls below 1%.
- The game now provides feedback when you can't select a tech because of an "Age" restriction

- Fixed a rare bug that prevented planets and ships from spawning in the campaigns
- Fixed typos. Hat tip our discord fans for their help
- Ambient music no longer plays during the victory movie.

Standalone installer updated (3.90.5 ⇒ 3.95): 11 October 2019.
Also, on the same date all its DLC were updated (3.90hotfix ⇒ 3.95).
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 3.96 (added 07 November 2019):

- The planetary map generation system now prefers placing tiles near the equator. The result is fewer, isolated tiles near the poles. Change does not affect the total number of tiles placed.
- Improvements to the planetary material system that allows for greater detail and color.
- Continent shorelines blend better with the water.
- City lights on the dark side of some planets (e.g. earth) get will get to max bright brightness when the population is 15 (was 30).
- Jupiter has been told to "stay in its lane" and use its own gradient colors instead of Mars'

- Players start with a shipyard. This has been added back because there is now sufficiently tight starting choices that we feel that holding back the shipyard simply creates an unnecessary repetitive starting condition
- Retribution: New starting improvement: Industrial Center (one per player). Good way to boost initial manufacturing
- Fixed a bug where the AI would sometimes delete a rally point if it found an object in it (as in, its own fleet!).
- AI combat ships are more willing to travel through dangerous territory to defend threatened planets.
- AI will ignore reinforcing planets that are already defended and not under threat.
- AI will focus on its primary enemy more so when targeting ships to attack.

- Fixed a trade exploit with Hypergates.
- Fixed a problem with colonization events that aren't imagined yet.
- Updated the Planet window so the Build Queue buttons don't break out of their frame in Normal UI scale

Standalone installer, and those of all its DLC, updated (3.95 ⇒ 3.96): 08 November 2019.
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 4.00.1 (12 May 2020):

Better Looking Worlds
- Both from the surface and from orbit, planets received a facelift (or continent lift). We've introduced many new islands, continents, and landmasses used by the planet generation system. We've also improved our material system to improve shorelines, add more color, and add more detail to planets.

- Fixed various bugs that caused autoskip not to, you know, bloody auto skip!
- Fixed an issue where Prototype Hyperdrive said it needed Promethion, but it actually needed Anti-matter (it now requires Promethion correctly).
- Fixed an issue where the Thulium Hull Reinforcement required Durantium.
- Fixed an issue where the United Earth faction wasn't using the correct Map Color, UI Color or Appearance.
- Fixed an issue where some events weren't changing population correctly (thanks to Old Spider for the fix!)
- Fixed a crash when using debug commands to trigger events out of order.
- Fixed a typo in the Nanite Fabricator description.
- Fixed the Illegal Cloning event Pragmatic growth bonus.
- Fixed the Illegal Cloning event Malevolent Population bonus.
- Fixed the UP Resolution War Fine to have a duration.
- Fixed the Mowling duplicate intro screen text.
- Updated the Cultural Beacon description to state that it allows the training of celebrities.
- Fixed an issue keeping the Nanite Transmitter Complex from being buildable.
- Fixed an issue where Space Monsters might not appear on some events if you don't have Crusade installed.
- Fixed an issue where players wouldn't receive credits in trades
- Fixed a stuck turn if you continued playing after winning the game.

- Occasional planet frequency increased from 1 to 1.2
- Occasional habitable planets increased from 20 to 30
- Occasional mineable planets change increased from 0.15 to 0.2
- Occasional Durantium asteroid increased from 0.2 to 0.3
- Common planet frequency increased from 1.25 to 1.5
- Common Habitable planets increased from 30 to 50
- Common Asteroids increased from 0.08 to 0.10
- Common Min asteroids in a field increased from 2 to 3
- Common Blackholes increased from 5% to 7%
- Common mineable planet chance increased from 0.25 to 0.33
- Common Durantium asteroid increased from 0.3 to 0.4
- Abundant blackholes increased from 10% to 12%
- Abundant Mineable planet chance increased from 0.4 to 0.6
- Abundant Durantium increased from 0.4 to 0.5
- Non-Aggression treaty minimum relation requirement reduced from 4 to 3.
- Asteroid base production reduced from 1 to 0.5
- Computer Core cost increased from 32 to 40
- Industrial Center cost increased from 30 to 40
- Colonization Center cost increased from 30 to 40
- Administrative Center now available at the start of the game
- Administrative Center admins provided increased from 1 to 2
- Administrative Center influence increased from 1 to 5
- Administrative Center now provides adjacency bonuses for Research, Manufacturing and Tourism
- Substantially more fertile tiles added to planets.
- Ministry of Alien Affairs now awards an administrator.
- Xeno Commerce tech now provides 5 trade routes (instead of 3)
- Cultural exchange increases global influence per turn by 2 (instead of 1)
- Galactic Trade now provides 5 more trade routes (instead of 2)
- Updated score system to differentiate scoring more between victory types.
- Player scores are higher so that we can have more nuance between performance in the future.

- Adjusted AI players that have sufficient resources to focus more on larger ship construction.
- AI wakes up to ascension victory faster.
- AI weighs trade with target player more so when deciding who to attack.
- Reduced AI bonuses at higher difficulties.
- New AI evaluator for handling ships that have destinations.
- Civs that want to conquer the galaxy will more aggressively increase their diplomatic stance to do so.
- AI is more flexible in what weapons it will research.
- AI takes more account of what resources it has when deciding what to focus on.
- Constructor won't ask for new orders if destination is blocked.
- Assault ships will ask for new orders if destination becomes defenseless.
- AI more circumspect about attacking if the enemy fleets / planet / starbase is substantially stronger.

- Block some unneeded planet screen UI calls.
- New function created for AI movement that is more efficient on large maps.
- Improved the performance of recalculation when improvements are place.
- Blocked AI treasury evaluation checks if the AI doesn't have any money (a small improvement but it adds up).
- Optimized player calculation.
- Added a new timer threshold for updates occurring more than once per second.
- Updated AI to be able to "see" planets and asteroids if the FOW is exposed to it already rather than recalculating (just like humans). It still can't see if it's under FOW or if it's a ship that is in exposed FOW.
- Reduced the frequency at which map objects are updated.
- Optimization for systems with more than 4 logical threads.
- Game Timer added to control how often we update Human awareness level drawing.
- Removed hidden (but CPU intensive) UI calls when soaking is on.
- Disabled UI screen calc updates if soak is on.
- AI doesn't need to recalculate its virtual UI.
- Dramatically reduced the distance before the pathfinder starts requiring way points.
- Fixed bug where passing an invalid ID would simply crash the Object Finder rather than, you know, returning a NULL pointer.
- AI players don't need to update their virtual UI for removing and adding things to their build queue.
- Citizen units when they arrive at a destination planet now set a dirty flag to recalc rather than force recalculating all stats right then and there.
- Game update threshold lowered from 30ms to 10ms for better visual fidelity.
- Made Galaxy Destruction faster (most noticeable when you go to load a save from within a game).

- Fixed typos.
- Clearer description of some planetary improvements.

Standalone installer, and those of its DLC, updated: 3.96 ⇒ 4.00.1.
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 4.01 (18 June 2020 / added 22 June 2020):

- Added German translations for:
- Heroes of Star Control: Origins DLC
- Villains of Star Control: Origins DLC
- Worlds in Crisis DLC
- Retribution Expansion
- Updated translations for all prior content as needed
- Added Russian translations for:
- Heroes of Star Control: Origins DLC
- Villains of Star Control: Origins DLC
- Worlds in Crisis DLC
- Retribution Expansion
- Updated translations for all prior content as needed
- Fixed an issue with the auto-upgrade colony default option
- Fixed crashes for players that had missing data if they don't own Crusade
- Fixed crashes when playing non-english versions of the campaign
- Fixed an issue where AI ships could stop moving
- Fixed a crash if some events can find an empty planet to trigger on
- Fixed an issue causing the AI to be nuttier than a Snathi waste disposal unit
- Fixed typos

Standalone installer, and those of its DLC, updated (4.00.1 ⇒ 4.01): 22 June 2020.