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mystikmind2000: Money and science are the two weak things in this game.... Somehow production worlds don't seem to need much help from starbases.
hmcpretender: Maybe you should try starting them with some factories. You can replace them later on with labs/markets if you want to but I usually keep some production power for later upgrades.
very early game i do, and for secondary science worlds i do, but my primary science world, i am usually rush buying every turn, so no need..... just the nature of science worlds that even with constant rush buying your lucky to finish it before the game finishes!!!!!!!!! Because there are so many levels to the science structures its just ridiculous.

Plus science for me is not a priority at all until i have exhausted the yellow triangle anomalies, then after that i am frustrated by how under developed my science worlds are! But, oh well, i put my resources to other things and benefited from that, so its all good, but just frustrating how it gets right in my face how frustrating it is with all these science structure levels.