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I can't get the mummy guards to wake up. I put all the tiles back and use the snake stick in room 3 and nothing happened. maybe it was because I left the room to fast. As usual it won't let me go back and put the stick in room 3 again.

Anyone have some idea of what i should try?

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I think you should:

1. Double-check that you put back the plates in the correct order (the number of the snakes on the plates should increase one by one as you advance); the two fixed plates give you the hint about the exact order.
2. Try using the rod in every hole. I know I used it in four different holes when it finally activated the door.
I have gotten the rod to go in in room 3 but nothing happened. I have taken all the tiles off and put them back in order from room 1. I did try putting the rod in different rooms.

I think I messed up by not staying in the room long enough when I put the rod in the plate in room 3? Not sure though. Like in the castle I left out the reading of the scroll so I am sure I must have left something out here, of course. My son says I am very impatient when playing. I guess I am. This is only the 2nd game I have played like this. I usually played games on Facebook but am now hooked on these adventure games.

Have you played all 3 Gabriel Knight games? I started with game 2 and have downloaded 3 so I am thinking I may just start playing it if i can't getting any farther with 1. I hope you can think of something so I can finish.

By the way I read the book on Africa, too.

Thanks for your ideas,
Leaving the room too early definitely couldn't be the cause. As soon as you activate the door, the mummies awaken immidiately - even the one behind you in the same room where you use the rod -, you don't have time to leave too early even if you want to...
I can think only two possible problems:

1. You accidentally put a plate in the wrong place (some of them are quite tricky, you have to inspect them carefully to see how much snakes are on them).
2. You're trying to acivate the door in the wrong room. I advise you to try using the rod in every room.

BTW, I strongly advise you to finish Gabriel Knight 1 because IMHO it's far superior than the third one (which - though not bad - is far harder and more frustrating).
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I made out of the tomb. Just had to look at the tile in room 12. But now I messed up by skipping some steps in the saving grace problem. I ended up in the ceremonial room without Mosely so I just keep getting Garbriel and Grace killed. Use the talisman but with Mosely I can't survive.

I was wondering how to go back to do the steps I needed to do but I can't figure how to. Got any suggestions?

^^ This is one of the things Sierra was notorious for: DEAD ENDS if you didn't do certain things in previous "chapters".

The short answer is "No, you can't go back unless you have a savegame that allows you so"