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Remember that the game is approaching a couple of decades in age. Also, even though Sierra was a pioneer of new technology through out its heyday, manufacturers still had to take into account that not all of there customers would have the latest hardware. After all, in 1993 many people were still using 386s with graphics cards that were not VESA capable.
That said, be sure that the RESOURCE.CFG has videoDrv = is set to VESA.DRV and not VGA.DRV.
Decided to jump into this series as my first GOG purchase (along with Fallout 1). I am getting hooked slowly, though I have only played maybe 15-30 minutes so far. Hearing Curry and Remini speaking was a complete surprise.
Hope to play through some more tonight, but I am trying to beat Mass Effect 1 before moving on to new games.
I think this may be the next series I start. It sounds great from all these descriptions, and it's always been a series I've been curious about but was never able to play.
My first introduction to the GK-series was back in 1996 with GK2; The Beast Within.
I love stories with a touch of supernatural in them, so this game was a total winner for me.
By now, I have of course played all three games and love them all, though I still have an extra soft spot for GK2. I love the fact that the writer has taken historical persons and woven them into a fantastic tale of werewolves and spirits.
You should definitly start with the first game though, and work your way through all three of them, as there is an underlying storyline which goes through them as a red line.
I missed parts of the background story as I started out with the second game, but after playing the first one about fifteen years later, I got a lot of "Aaaaaaah, now I get it"-episodes :)
I just finished the first game for the third time, and now going to play the second. Never played them in order straight after each other so this is going to be a swell weekend :D
Gabriel Knight is really one of the best adventures ever!
I said this in another thread and I say it again: In my opinion, all puzzles are logical as I was able to finish the game in 1993 long before I ever had access to a walkthrough.
Some puzzles are hard, though.
And about blocky graphics: Contrary to what Collector always suggest, I always suggest NOT to use VESA.DRV but VGA.DRV instead and rather use DOSBox' built in scaler (my preference is 2xSAI).
Yes, VESA.DRV is theoretically 640x480 and provides nicer icons and a few higher res items but the background graphics are horribly streched and become blocky.
Using VGA.DRV and the lower resolution allows DOSBox to use the scaler and therefore "unblock" the beautiful handpainted backgrounds.