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GK3 might present some problems because the 3d Graphics do not like modern video cards, and the software mode looks pretty crappy,to be honest. Video card driver problems are among the worst and most time consuming to solve.
Kattus: I dont think that Beast within will come to GOG. Too many CDs (7-8?). So intallation file will be too large. Third part has only three CDs, so that is much greater possibility.
Gremmi: There are larger games on GoG already. If I recall, fully installed, The Beast Within only comes to 2.4GB.

I downloaded a patch file to get GK2 running under windows works well & fits on 1 dvd disk so gog will should have no problems with it.
Making my first post to agree. Please, -please- hurry with Gabe Knight 2 and 3. I'd forgotten how excellently cerebral and intelligent this series could be, and crave part 2. Been introducing the boyfriend to the first game as well, and he's really digging it. Good design is timeless.
Never played the second one, it was impossible to find. Itching to play it now...
GoG, scratch me!
Kyote33: I really hope they are putting it all out too. Part 3 was the worst, but still a fun game. Part 2 was the only good FMV game ever :P
SHAZYZANG: Haven't you tried Tex Murphy?

I second this Tex Murphy is my favourite video game I have played... Ever.
On another note... after completing GK, I am really itching for GK2 too as it is one of the few FMV's I still want to play and yet haven't had the chance.
Falci: The Beast Within is actually part 2. The 3D one is the third part.

=( Oh well, still awesome!
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Played the first two, liked them a lot but never got around to the third. Would pick it up if GOG released it.
I want to play Beast Within!
Dr_Adder: I want to play Beast Within!

Judging from many other posts that I've read, plenty of other GOG fans agree with you. If I didn't still have the disks in my collection, I'd be screaming for GOG to release it and release it now!
I'm ashamed to admit, I missed the GK series the first time around. I remember seeing the games on shop shelves, but I guess I just played other things instead.
Now, having played through the original, I can't wait for other games in the series! This first installment was one of the best adventure games I've ever played.
Playing GK2 right now (just finished the first--terrific, but it still had some of those nonsensical adventure game puzzles that drive me crazy). It's games like this that make me wish for a revival of the FMV genre. This is great. Crazy what a leap it is above Phantasmagoria when they were released so close together.