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Hey everyone:

First off, let me begin by saying I'm primarily a Mac user, and all the games I have downloaded from (mostly Sierra Games) have worked on my MacBook Pro using WINESKIN to extract the .exe file into a folder with the games' contents, and then importing the folder into BOXER to play the game itself.

After downloading many games from, most of them have been fully playable with Boxer. There are a few I have had to tweak the game folder's contents before importing them into Boxer. I've searched around for various solutions to each of these games, and will be posting solutions to the ones I had to mess with in order to get them to work properly.

Here is the solution I found to fixing the problem of no voices and super fast and unreadable text in Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers:

1. Open the game folder and rename the file




That's all I did. Now you can import the game into Boxer and it should play properly. Good luck and happy gaming!
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