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Here's something little I did just for fun. Gabriel Knight 1 comes with an extremely low-resolution making-of documentary, the resolution it has is 160x120, which amounts basically to moving blobs of pixels. I wanted to see if it would be possible to spruce it up at least a bit and upscaled the whole documentary in ESRGAN. This is the best result I managed to achieve. The resolution is scaled x4 to 640x480. As there's just so little actual information in the video, this is, for the moment, the best upscaling result I could get.

On this same note, I've also done small experiments with GK2 FMV's. The model I used for this upscale ended up having a pretty interesting effect of turning the FMV to look like rotoscoped footage in the style of Sanner Darkly.
It looks like it's smudging more than upscaling.