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Yeah I know, a lot of people don't like steam, but I enjoy its community features and I'd like to play it using Steam if possible.

Does anyone know how?
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But as I don't use Steam, I might be wrong. Steam also uses DOSBox for some older games, so theoretically it's possible to run GK in this DOSBox environment. But Steam uses an adjusted version, different from the standard DOSBox GOG uses, mostly to embed it into the Steam client (due to some DirectX libraries as far as I know).

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Ah! Got it to work.

For those wanting to know how it can be done:

Open your steam and click on adding a non-steam game, choose the game. Once that's done, go to your library, right click on Gabriel Knight, choose properties, a window should open. Leave it open for now and don't do anything.

Go to the folder where you installed GK and search for a shortcut called "Launch Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers" (gog installs it automatically), right-click on it and choose "Properties", there, copy the text in the "target" window. Go to the steam window you previously opened and paste the text on the "target" window on said steam window.

Finally, go back to the folder where you installed GK, double click on "Launch Graphical Mode setup" and change the graphic mode to "Open GL".

The steam window can be a little slow and buggy at times, but it's the best I could do
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So you basically just start the game out of the Steam client by creating a link.
Okay, and what's the benefit of this? Does Steam provide some overlay features then, while playing GK?
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It provides all of the overlay features you'd get with any steam game, I can take screenshots and upload them to my steam account, I can use the steam chat while playing the game and if I get stuck I don't have to alt-tab and use firefox I can just use steam's own browser and look for my answers.

And of course, I have the game neatly organized in the "my library" tab on the steam app
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I see, thanks for answering. Happy gaming then ;-)