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I really really love the story and characters. Most puzzles are fun and logical.

I've tried this game several times during my lifetime. I always get stuck at the same spot (chapter 3), spend like 2 days trying to figure out what to do, then uninstall the game and try again couple years later. I've never used a walkthrough in my life. Today was the first time.

For christ sake, HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU GUESS THAT YOU NEED TO PICK UP A PIECE OF GODDAMN CLAY on the lake shore?! How many people go around picking up random useless shit from the ground, especially goddamn dirt?! I spent 2 days clicking on EVERYTHING, trying every possible combination, and this is what I was expected to do? Game, are you serious? A PIECE OF CLAY?! This is like the worst case of pixel hunting.

Same situation as you. I tried for at least 10 hours, then read your post. The thing is I actually tried picking up things in that location, just not exactly that spot. This is really stupid.
Alexander_Krylov: I've never used a walkthrough in my life.
This was your mistake. :p