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I've tried downloading part 3 of GK2 several times, but it always says it is corrupted. When I ignore the check it says that a certain file - 7541.vmd - is corrupted.

Clearing my cache and temp folder didn't fix this problem.
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First make sure your antivirus or firewall are not interfering with the download and if that doesn't help you may want to contact gog support directly.

Hi there Ralackk, nice to see you ;)
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Namur: Ninja'd!
Ninja where?!
Namur: Hi there Ralackk, nice to see you ;)
Hey Namur, you should come hang out on irc sometimes.
Ralackk: Hey Namur, you should come hang out on irc sometimes.
Ah, ok mate, thanks. I'll see about dropping in sometime.
Funny thing - the contact form isn't working for me either. Tried on two different browsers.
I am having the same problem. I had no problem installing other games. However, for some reason, I can't get Gabriel Knight 2 to install because it keeps saying it's corrupted. I cleaned my cache everytime and redownloaded it several times. Any suggestions?

I think I have finally got it to install.
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