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I'm stuck in GK 2. I know what to do next... but the game won't let me continue.
In chapter 6, Grace is all dressed up and in the spotlight room. I know Von Glower and KK Lieber are sitting in their seats. GRACE has to look at them through the window with the opera glasses. I look... and when the cutscene is over, the game screen (but not inventory portion) goes black. The whole game is frozen. I've tried starting from various save games and getting to that point of the game again... but it refuses to go any further. I just want to beat the game already. This is annoying. Any fixes?
If I uninstall and REinstall, can I keep my save games? Help!
This question / problem has been solved by Namurimage
csellers79: Hi! I had this problem several years ago. My problem turned out that I had the volume turned down IN-GAME rather than just muting my PC. Once I changed my in-game settings, it fixed the issue. I don't know if this will help you, since that was a couple years ago, and I'm now struggling to fix the subtitle problems with the new Scuum, so it may not work. Good luck, hope this works! *fingers crossed*
karenannefromusa: csellers79, thank you so much for the spot on reply! I can confirm that this is still a problem in 2021. I was getting quite annoyed that I was going to have to go through some long rig-a-marole of uninstalling, reinstalling, or uploading someone else's game when I read your reply. I also had the in-game "music" volume turned all the way down. I put it up just a little, and I was immediately able to continue past the part where Grace uses the opera glasses to confirm Glower is in the audience. If anybody else is having this issue, TURN UP THE VOLUME!
As previously mentioned, I don't get on forums much (unless I have an issue myself), so apologies for the belated response. I suspect the volume setting was likely at the appropriate level when players loaded others' save files. So very happy this fixed your problem and I was able to help you! Happy Gaming!