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I bought this game some time ago but had only now time to try it out.
Sadly atm I'm unable to play it.

When I start it with the default settings, the window (DosBox) is very small, the mouse jumps around like crazy (but the sound is ok).
I searched this forum and found some tips about the DosBox settings. So I changed the graphic setting to OpenGL and doubled the resolution. But now I have only a black DosBox (no graphic at all), though double the size, and the music stopped whenever ich move the mouse. (And Since I don't see anything in the DosBox, I can't even say what the mouse does.)

Can someone tell me which settings I should choose?
I have Win8.1 64bit (latest patches I guess), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (latest driver as well)

Post edited February 14, 2016 by Tauglanz
Hi, here's my config, please tell me whether it works any better for you:

Just extract and replace inside your game folder. Make a backup if you want to keep your old config.
Post edited February 25, 2016 by fischkopf