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The Audio issues intrigued me so this afternoon I was working on trying to get a few releases going on my real DOS machine and so I wanted to try GK1.

Turns out the image includes is the full ISO with installer and everything.

I'm getting the pops on my real DOS machine as well just so you know.

Here is the video:

Enjoy :D
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There's no question that GK1 has pops in the sound under DOS. I had this problem in 1994 on a CD version of Gabriel Knight running on DOS 6 with a Sound Blaster 16.
i just got gk2 working an android dosbox just by dumping all the files onto the sdcard and running sierra.exe from the gk2 directory as normal, no installation required and no missing cd issues therefore should run fine just by dumping all the files onto a real dos machine as it doesnt rely on any special windows executable, then again a real dos machine might not have enough hdd space for it!
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