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Hey, just managed to get this working (that is, GK1) on Mint 8 with dosbox 0.73. I also posted this information on the general topic about games working under linux.
Using native (linux) dosbox do an "imgmount" as well as all the other "mount c" stuff. So for me the command goes:
mount C "/home/dominic/Games/Gabriel Knight/"
imgmount D "/home/dominic/Games/Gabriel Knight/GK1.gog" -t iso
Also, one may experience stuttering. I manage to pretty much fix this by opening the dosbox-0.73.conf file and under the [mixer] settings changing the prebuffer to about 40 (may be less or more for yourself)
Hope this helps the Linux users (and maybe the sound fix with work for you windoze users too)
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Use 0.74. It has much improved SB support for the Sierra SB driver. Also, use a new conf file instead of the 0.72 conf that GOG ship with their games. Just copy the [autoexec] section of the old conf for the mounting.
Now if only I could find a repository for the latest version...
Depending on your flavor,
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