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Hi guys,

In GK2, The Beast Within, After putting the kookoo clock in the plant and hitting the "exit" back to the lobby, a video of Gabriel sitting and "reading" begins while the clock makes noise in the background and Xavier goes to the back door. Then when the video ends I find myself in the room (See image) with no way to move anywhere. I cannot exit nor touch anything. The only thing I can click is my inventory or myself but other than that - Nothing!
I tried repairing, re-installing, re-starting - anything you want, but no cigar!
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you!
gk.png (329 Kb)
Post edited March 28, 2020 by hasayeret
You should try to go to the lobby (The room where Xaver stands at the desk) and wait there the kookoo knocks.
This way you can look at the desk and get the key to the basement.
What you discribe is proberply a bug but fortunately you don't have to stay in the room.