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From what I've read, the remaster requires switching to the original visuals while in-game, which isn't good if a person is wanting to play the game through using the original graphics.

Also, I've seen it said that the original graphics are not available in all cutscenes, which really isn't good.

So, to be able to play the game completely with the original graphics, having the original in DOSBox would be great. It could be offered as a bonus GoG download, like some other games on GoG have.
I'd totally back this, but via ScummVM rather than DOSBox - I have the original MONSTER.SOU and FA.LA0 and FA.LA1 and was able to play it on an Amiga and even my old Tapwave Zodiac! Now THAT's portability!!

It's nearly as good as the remaster as you can turn on things like 2xSAI to get smoothed graphics, but you will miss out on the 2 really big enhancements of FT Remastered, and that is the amazing music and the funny and insightful dev commentary.

I must admit I'm still disappointed at how half-arsed the remaster is - The art assets are nice and the remastered music is amazing but the game itself is so buggy; Things cut off prematurely, subtitles don't sync up; heck even the commentary subtitles don't sync up, and the game requires far more resources than it has any right to - How can it still drop frames and chug randomly on modern machines?!

Playing the original through ScummVM has none of these problems...