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My ship is called "The Liberator"

The crew are

Roj Blake
Kerr Avon
Jenna Stannis

No points if you guess the television series they're based on. Only wish I could acquire an orac, or portable super computer to help me navigate the choices that pop up.
My favourite is 'Black Pearl' with Jack, Will and Elizabeth of course :D But unfortunatelly I did not have teleport to boarding yet (two evenings of playing only).

The other name of the ship - fits perfect for this game i think - is 'Destiny' , hehe :)
Uhm, I always call em like the station they will man. Pilot, Engines,Shields,Weapons...
I once had a random "Yevon" on my crew. Would be ironic if it were a tick (mantis), but sadly it was either an Engi or a Zoltan.
I had one called The Lunch, where all the crew names were lunch food. Also did an Engi ship called The Dire Emu, with 2 engi on shields/engine (FizzZap and BuzzZap) and a human pilot (Bob).
The Millenium Falcon with Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia as crewmembers for me :)
I never change the crew's names. However, I've travelled aboard :

- Thunderball
- The Spitball
- The Chandernagor
- The Leech
- The Well Meaning
- The Hopeless
- The Casper
- The Silent
- The Three Mice
- The Not Here
- Daedalus
- The Vagrant
- The Unsure
- The Cup of Tea
- The Sleepwalking
- The Stubborn
- The Whateveer
- Nisos
- The Kyst
- Bubble
- Stagonas
- Eiger

and oddly, I still relate these name to some specific memories. That game is weirdly involving.
No Love for the Planet Express crew yet, eh? Then again Fry, Leela, and Bender seem to be destined for doomed voyages.

My Lord of the Rings crew (Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas) flying on The Hobbit has actually been the best one so far, well, 2/3s of it anyway, Gimli was lost to the depths of space when my crew was searching for resources in an asteroid field. The Black Pearl (mine had Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and Davy Jones) didn't do so bad either.

Serenity didn't do very well at all, poor Wash....
Red Dwarf with Lister, Rimmer and the Cat :)
Wynric: The Millenium Falcon with Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia as crewmembers for me :)
I have the same setup - only I have Lando instead of Leia.
Blakes7: ...
I use the names of my friends. Makes it all the more painful when they all die. D;
Telika: - The Cup of Tea
Argh, the Cup of Tea!

Glad a few other mafia players are digging this game.
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By some amazing coincidence, my highest ranking ship was called 'The Lucky Finch' for a while. I thought naming it 'lucky' might make it so :D

Most awesome pilot? Bryce Faarthax
Most Jumps Survived? Effie McCleod
Most Repairs? Stieg
Most piloted evasions? Bryce Faarthax (the same, he's a demon)

Think they're all human actually.

I just checked, my highest ranking ship was a Kestrel Cruiser named 'the Featherlite'.
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I've been playing the Rock ship lately.

I like to name my Rock crewmen after rocks and such ... (sorta):
Cpt. Coal
Mr. Basalt
Lt. Granite

Although one of my best rock crews were named:
(on the USS Flintstone)

On another note: Starting mantis crewmen are almost always named Zorak
My latest ship was the "Lusty Argonian" captained and crewed by myself, my brother, and a close friend of mine.
The HMSs Star Bitch and Fuckpipe. I might have been a little ragey over dying after getting amazing gear when I came up with those.