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i just bought ftl and am trying to download it on my wifes macbook pro but i only see a download option for windows and even though i tried that it obviously didn't work... how do i download it to the mac... her macbook pro is only 2 months old if it matters
Yeah, the Mac download disappeared (it was there a few days ago when I bought it). What gives?
A new patch became available today, and apparently things are a bit messed up right now.

Send a support ticket to make sure that GOG knows about it. Hopefully they will fix it quickly.
Post edited December 22, 2012 by AdamR
hope they fix it soon as also want to download on mac!!
We all still waiting on this? I still can't see a link to download on mac ):
so it seems...
Same here. I did download FTL for Mac last week and now the Mac download tab is gone. Please fix this.
Same deal, have the 'old' version from last week. Please fix the download links?
Still nothing
yeah this is getting kind of annoying now... :/
Same here. Can't download the game. This is a bit annoying as the web page states it's an universal version (both Windows and Mac). I guess I'll do my next shopping on Steam.
ya hope this gets fixed quickly. just bought this for mac.
yeah pretty dissapointing to be fleeced the cost of the game, with no goods to download...