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Basically the title.

I'm interested in the games, and I'm wondering if the story is good enough to play the first one first, rather than just skip the second (which people seem to mention, rather than the first).


PS: It's mandatory to use a joystick, right? Question: Does my joystick need to "twist"?
I used the Freespace Open Engine and I actually played the second game first, then played the first game using FSport, then the Blue Planet mods. So you can start with the second and then play the first if you like it. :) The Freespace Open Engine is very recommended - a lot of beautiful graphical improvements, extra content, etc ... and as aforementioned you can play the first game through FSport with Freespace Open. For Freespace Open you need the game assets from Freespace 2, so you still need to buy it from GOG and I would still recommend buying Freespace 1 despite that you can essentially play it through FSport.

A joystick is recommended, twist-handle is nice (I have a twist-handle joystick Logitech Extreme 3D pro - solid, yet inexpensive joystick), but the game is playable with just the keyboard. I don't think the mouse controls are all that great but some people use them.
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I've played the original Freespace both in its' own engine and as part of the Freespace Port project for FS2, and I can safely say that it doesn't really matter how you experience it, but I would recommend you experience it before you experience the main Freespace 2 campaign.
I played Freespace 1 before I started with Freespace 2, but that was a decision I only made because the second Freespace is more complex to control than Freespace 1. However, when it comes to the story it is not necessary to play them one after another. Freespace 2 has its own very interesting story, you will not miss anything if you start with Freespace 2.
The story is one of the principal components of the Freespace game series. It would be less interesting playing the Great War campaign after the FS2 campaign since you would already know how it will end. The Great War campaign has it's own unique "feel" and you risk missing it if you start FS2 first or if you even skip it at all. I played Freespace 1 first back in 1998 (even before FS2 has been released) and let's just say that I've met very few games with comparable atmosphere since then.
I played both Freespace 1 and Freespace 2 when they were released. However, when I started with Freespace 2 I did not have the feeling that it would be a shame if I did not know Freespace 1 at all. Freespace 2 mentiones The Great War in the intro, so one can have a guess what might have happened earlier. But that is, of course, my personal opinion.