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I'm guessing the instructions are outdated for 3.7.0 in regards to checking every box in the launcher -> features -> graphics? Because by checking all those boxes, you're actually DISABLING a lot of graphical features.
I'm trying to set up FS2 with all the updated models and effects - however, download speed for the mv_maximum_3612 zip file is just abysmal... are there any faster mirrors around?
Hey guys there is a new update for it out,
There's a new and improved automated installer released by the folks over at the SCP - just point it at the GoG's setup package and it will automatically install the newest-and-prettiest version of the game.
I'm having a lot of trouble with version 2.1.6 of the installer. It's slow, some components fail instantly, some hang indefinitely, etc. I assume that the Steam release of FS2 is overloading the download servers.

edit: Yeah, the servers are down.
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timone1002: hey i was wondering if any one could help me, i know this is an old forum but i need help, when i get to step 6 (A) and try to select the exe file i get an error message after pressing okay saying "the launcher must be in the same directory as the binary you are trying to use" what do i do??
Yes sir, If you find out directory the Game is in then put the Launcher in the same directory.

The current FSO Installer is, in my experience, by far the best way to install FSO and the major mods. The repository seems to be regularly updated and the whole thing is just super convenient.
Hi team FS2,
Thanks for the great post, just finished the first 3 missions and the game is really beautiful with the updates.