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Hi, I'm stick on the last mission on the FS1 campaign. Nothing I do results in the destruction of the lucifer.
I can not target its reactors
My wing men and I are unable to disabled the lucifers engines (Even with beta, delta and gamma wings specifically ordered to do so)
Lucifer leaves after 10 minutes
Non of the harbinger bombs are even lauched by my wing menu who supposidly carry them (I left the ship selection and weapon load out to default on the last mission)
Any one got any tips on how to do this?
I'd recommend disabling the Lucifer's weapons subsystem first. Ignore the engines. Then go after enemy fighters while the bomber wings attack the Lucifer. With the weapons down, Lucifer won't be able to destroy incoming bombs and will go down faster.
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tor: I'd recommend disabling the Lucifer's weapons subsystem first. Ignore the engines. Then go after enemy fighters while the bomber wings attack the Lucifer. With the weapons down, Lucifer won't be able to destroy incoming bombs and will go down faster.

Thanks, I tried that last night and all I managed with 3 wings attacking the weapons and 1 defending was to slightly dent the Lucifer's hull (About 6% or so) and I again failed the mission.
Next I clicked a reset mission button that I had not seen before and got back to the ship load out screen from the mission before (Where you have to race to the jump node). This time I replaced all the ships in alpha group with bombers and equipped them with 6 harbringers each. Then instead of fighting my way through to the jump node (last time I destroyed every ship (inc the HOL cruiser) bar 2 fighters) I just stick the engines on max and went straight to the jump node.
After jumping I was able to target the reactors and I launched harbringers at each of them, the engines and the flight decks (which were now targatable too) and the ship went down really easily.
I don't know if the first time I tried to do the mission if it was bugged or if the other wings had used all their harbringers in the last mission or not but second time round the Lucifer went down in about 6 minutes flat.
All you have to do is take out the reactors.
As for teh mission before that, well, you're not supposed to fight the Hammer of Light. They're a distraction. And what you do to them is irrelevant as it's not your primary goal. The only thing on your mind should be chasing the Lucy.
I don't know how bobscraphouse was able to target the fighter bays. They appear invulnerable to me. Maybe because it's on Medium? Also, I tried using my afterburners to rush to the jump node directly like he did, but if I do that, I enter subspace with only Gamma wing with all my wingmen left behind!!
I tried so many different ship setups but I'm simply unable to finish this one (on Medium).
The ship setup that came the closest to winning for me was assigning Hercules fighers with Prometheus cannons and Hornet missiles to everybody. I took an Ursa bomber for myself with Prometheus cannons and 6 Harbinger missiles. I had one wing protect Delta 1, 2 and 3, leaving 4 unprotected. In the previous mission, I lost 2 Hercules fighters, (my wingmen killed each other with friendly fire - nearly unavoidable with 6 Prometheus cannons each).
I used the afterburners to zoom ahead and destroy enemy fighters, using my wingmen only as a last resort (who were on guard duty), to preserve them.
Once everybody got near to the Lucifer, I used the afterburners to zoom to the front of the ship and took out destroyed it's Weapons sub-system. I don't know if that made a difference, as I noticed that at least some turrets were still firing. I thought of taking out the 2 fighter bays but they appeared to be invulnerable (no damage % indicator).
Delta wing destroyed Reactors 1 - 4 while I pounded on Reactor 5 (which was in the front of the ship) with harbingers. All my wingmen died and finally I died before I could destroy reactor 5.
I noticed that each harbinger only dealt around 10% damage to reactor 5!! Is there anything special about this reactor? Or am I hitting it from a wrong angle? The 'X' that normally comes when the subsystem is blocked or on the other side of the ship did not appear. It normally takes only 1 harbinger to destroy a reactor.
This mission is (appropriately) the hardest. How did you folks succeed? What ships did you choose for yourself and your wingmen? What strategy did you take? And what difficulty setting was it on?
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Okay, I finally finished it.
I took an Ursa bomber with Prometheus cannons and Harbingers. For all wingmen, I assigned Hercules fighters with Prometheus cannons and Hornets.
In the previous mission, while chasing the Lucifer to the subspace node, I made sure that I didn't lose any fighters.
Then, in the last mission I had everyone protect my ship. I allocated all energy to engines, flew at an angle below the Lucifer so that it was just above my sight and hit the afterburners.
I flew under the Lucifer out of the range of it's turrets to the front of the ship and took out it's weapons system. Then I flew back and took out both engines. Each time, while the harbingers were being reloaded, I helped clear out the enemy fighters.
Once both engines were destroyed and the Lucifer was stranded in subspace, I proceeded to destroy all the fighters. Once all the fighters were destroyed I would destroy the helpless ship. Unfortunately, the otherwise useless Delta wing managed to destroy the last reactor while I was smashing the ship, ending the mission. So I lost the Lucifer kill on my record=]
On my previous attempt I took a Hercules fighter for myself. I assigned Hercules fighters to Alpha and Ursa bombers to Beta. I finished the previous mission with everyone alive and nobody even damaged into the red zone. But no matter what target I ordered Beta to destroy (I tried Reactor 1, Engines and the weapons system on different attempts), they didn't manage to do anything . Instead, they somehow managed TO BLOW EACH OTHER UP with the harbinger area of effect damage. Even with both Beta and Delta as bombers they were unable to destroy the Lucifer. So I decided to do it myself.
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