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Are there any FreeSpace 2 mods out there? I've had a quick look around and couldnt really find anything save for a few Stand-Alone mods (Beyond the Red Line is looking nice!). Mainly, I'd be looking for a graphics/resoultion mod if there's one out there...
Anybody know of any?
ediblespread: Are there any FreeSpace 2 mods out there? I've had a quick look around and couldnt really find anything save for a few Stand-Alone mods (Beyond the Red Line is looking nice!). Mainly, I'd be looking for a graphics/resoultion mod if there's one out there...
Anybody know of any?

here are some web sites you might be interested in:
eg. Freespace 2 Inferno mod
Inferno is a custom campaign for Freespace 2. The campaign follows an original storyline through four chapters with at least 15 missions per chapter. Also featured are custom weapon sets, new ships, and much more.
and more...
Assuming on our experience with mods all should work fine with the gog installer.
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Since Volition had released the source code for Freespace 2 a few years ago, some enthusiasts have created the "Freespace 2 source code project". It enhances the original graphics of the game (with a few more effects and some high resolution packs if I remember correctly) and serves as a clean codebase for other mods to base upon.
The official web page for the source code project is
More info about it on GOW, good old wikipedia ;)
FS2 Open Wikipedia Entry
The thing you are particularly interested in is FS2Open, which contains various enhancements to the original game, you can find instructions on how to install it (I didn't test with the GOG version myself since I own the original CD's - it worked fine for me with these, though) here :
Have fun with FreeSpace 2, despite being nearly 10 years old, it is still one of the best space simulators (if not the best) ever created.
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Here's something for all Battlestar Galactica fans :>
still only demo but damn! u can ride a viper :D
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Another excellent mod for Freespace 2 is The Wing Commander Saga, being developed by a German team. There is a demo available and it shows just how much work these guys put into recreating the great series that is Wing Commander. The website is Here
There's an extra campaign that was released a while after this came out; it details what happens to a certain person in the storyline who goes missing. It was called Derelict, but it had some issues with the game, wherein you have to play the Derelict campaign as it altered certain model-coding, making the singleplayer mission mess up (giving you a fighter to escort instead of a captial class ship)
There is also a mod for Freespace 2, using the open source code, which is a recreation of the Freespace 1 missions!
Of course, i recommend you get the Freespace 1 game anyway (to see it in its retro glory), but the mod recreates everything with enhanced graphics etc etc
See for details
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yeah been played it my self now ^^ its amzing how good F2open looks
if you download all the stuff it is Freesapce 1 with all the voices and fmvs
Actually, I got the Freespace 2 free open version and a bunch of other stuff long before joining GOG and I can tell you that it works great and is very nice. Nice graphics updates and runs well even on low end machines. I wish more game developers would release the source code so great games could be updated with new graphics and features. FS2 shows what can be done and there's more coming all the time.
I wish someone would do that for SoulBringer which was a game I loved, but it had some quirks. It could be updated and would be an awesome game. It had some really nice in-game music and was a fun game to play, great graphics for the time. It had a very interesting combat system, too. Some strategy rather than just chaotic button mashing.
Anyway, the Freespace games are great and well worth a $6 download. GOG is fantastic and I very much hope they do very well as it is a fabulous concept. And thank GOG for the DRM free content. I have stopped buying games very much because I hate the DRM crap they put on my computers and which have caused me some very real and costly problems in the past. Drove me to buying only old games and spending more time on other things.
But GOG has me smiling again!
I'll pitch in and say that FS2Open is a must-have for anyone playing Freespace 2. While Tie Fighter rests comfortably at the top of my list of "best space combat games ever", Freespace 2 comes in at a respectable second. I wasn't especially fond of the first Freespace, to me the production qualities (Okay okay, the voice acting) sucked. I never felt "immersed" in the game. FS2 however managed a complicated, compelling story, good voice acting, and really epic battle sequences.
FS2Open improves the overall look quite a bit, and while it's not photo-realistic, that's not the art style, and the graphical update performs admirably.
Now all we need is a current-generation X-wing or Tie fighter game with a really excellent story.
The "central" modding community for FS/FSO is Hard Light Productions
Since this is a sticy topic for the Freespace games, this should be here too:
What is Freespace Open?
The Freespace Open Engine, AKA Freespace_Open, FSO, or as veterans often call it SCP (Source Code Project) was made when Volition, the developer of Freespace 1 and 2 released the source code for the game, Freespace 2.
A team effort was soon made to unify attempts at "refining" the Freespace 2 engine, this was the Source Code Project.
Even after years of development, the team is still goind, with the 3.6.10 version currently undergoing the final bughunt.
The latest stabile version of the game is 3.6.9.
You will need three things to run Freespace 2 under the Freespace Open Engine.
-A legit and installed copy of Freespace 2.
-An Freespace Open "game executable" (either 3.6.9 or if you'd like to help troubleshoot the latest release, one of the new "knightly" executables).
-A launcher application that is used to setup the game the same way the old launcher did.
Finally, you can also download user made in-game-media (graphical upgrades) for the game. This is highly recommended, as they take advantage of the new effects and higher performance of the new engine.
The easiest way to setup FSO is to use Turey's installer, which is available here:
You can ready more about Freespace Open here:
Hmm... FS2 Mods I've enjoyed and would like to recommend are Derelict, Inferno, Transcend, Incursion and Blue Planet. Especially Derelict, they've even pulled together voice acting (even though it's rather poor, spare one voice - Alpha 2/4 - who is awesome)!
You'll find the mods on this list:
[link kind of redundant since Hard Light was already mentioned, but will save some time]
I'd recommend the standalone Babylon Project :
The 'Babylon Project' is a group of dedicated individuals who are trying to bring the essence of Babylon 5 space combat to FreeSpace 2, an award winning space combat simulation from Volition Incorporated. The Babylon Project uses the improved FreeSpace 2 engine by The Source Code Project. Also The Babylon Project stand-alone includes the minimum required files from FreeSpace 2, so you're able to play The Babylon Project without FreeSpace 2 installed. Original FreeSpace 2 campaigns or other mods however will not work, unless these other mods have been specifically made by remaining FS2 files in mind.
Official campaigns:
The Earth-Minbari War:
As the Earth-Minbari war spirals out of control, you join a squadron of pilots onboard the EAS Rommel to help prevent Minbari warships from reaching Earth. The end of the war is drawing near and the fate of Earth hangs in the balance.
The Raider Wars:
The year is 2258 and the name of the place is Altair. The Raiders, an organized faction of pirates and smugglers have lately established a strong presence in the Altair system. The Earth Force has decided to launch an offensive and to stop Raider activity once and for all.
TBP DVD 1.0 Mirrors
The Babylon Project v3.4b Core (FINAL) - Everything you need to get started playing and building your own missions and campaigns. Includes two campaigns, the Earth-Minbari War Demo and Raider Wars.
The Babylon Project User-Made Campaign Pack v2.0 - Contains 15 additional excellent User-Made Campaigns and Mission Sets as well as Multiplayer Mission Updates. All are the latest versions at the time of release.
Advanced installer for TBP v3.4b Final and Campaign Pack v2.0. The Advanced Installer features full installation customizing and maintance options and well as theme music and slide show during install.
Highly Customized DVD Menu with full motion Intro Video, interactive ReadMe and Extras Menus with authentic B5 Music, Sounds and TBP Graphics. Also includes links to Babylon 5 and TBP related websites.
Printable Custom TBP DVD Label Art for the Disc and your choice of DVD or Jewel case layouts. Includes Generic JPG Images and Nero Cover Designer Templates.
TBP Movie Collection - Five TBP Related Videos and Teasers.
FreeSpace Development Extraction Tools. Useful tools the would-be modders.
DirectX 9.0c and OpenAL is included.
Additional Microsoft Voices - Mary, Mike and the hard to find Anna (the best one).
Gaming Hardware profiles for Saitek X52 HOTAS Joystick and Game Commander 2 Voice Command Software.
PLUS Bouns Desktop Items to pimp out you PC desktop in true Babylon 5 Style!
I don't know if you guys would have seen this, the Star Wars FS2 MOD that's in development