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Question 1:
How do I force a custom screen resolution in FSOpen?
The FSOpen launcher automatically shows all valid screen resolutions 4:3 and 16:9, yet it does not show the resolution I want. I've confirmed that people have played the game at 1920x1080.
My computer is connected to my HDTV via VGA cable and I'm currently running the computer desktop at 1080i, or 1920x1080 if you will. My problem is that the screen (TV) does not "announce" it's capability of showing this resolution, in spite of it being it's native, and thus it needs to be forced. Since the resolution is not "announced", the FSOpen launcher does not recognize it as valid. I've seen some option somewhere in the launcher to "set specific resolution" but I don't know how to use it.
Question 2:
In this post on the FSOpen forums there's a download link for the Post-Processing mod described in that post's thread.
The download however does not contain any .txt files describing how to implement or use it.
This is how far I am:
I've loaded the executable that came with the download and checked "enable post processing". I'm running the mediavps mod and trying to play the "postprocessing" mission that came with the download in the tech room's mission simulator. I put all data and the mission in the mediavps folder.
I did see a patch file amongst the files but I've no idea what to do with it.
The actual question: How do I load this mod? I really want to try playing the game with one or more of the bloom/distortion/motionblur effects. Just running the mission was not enough to make it work.
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Please ask those questions over on While I am perfectly fine with answering generalized questions about FS2 here, these are questions about a specific, highly experimental build provided by the community at hard-light. The GOG forums are not the right venue to discuss it.
Yeah, you're probably right.
FSOpen is, however, the definite way of experiencing FS and FS2, (being more compatible than the retail products and sporting freshed up visuals) so other less specific questions about it should belong here.