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Hey guys, I just got this game. I am using the keyboard right now, as is the default. It feels like I need coverage of the whole keyboard.

Whats a good alternative? people recommend joysticks, I don't have any of them but I do have an arcade fightstick, madcatz tournament edition. This has loads of buttons but not sure if it's the right kind of stick.

I also have a 360 control if that works.

Try it and see what control is like. :)

Freespace 2 is pretty controller friendly and accepts a wide variety of input types. Some people have mentioned problems with changing button mappings for the 360 but otherwise it should work. Downloading FS2Open should solve any controller incompatibility issues (and make the game look beautiful).

Best of luck! And good hunting!
What this guy said^ really, I use the keyboard almost entirely on it's own, only switching to the mouse for some long range sniper style action with the maxim (or morning star on occasion), and play with the default keybindings, many other people use the mouse almost all the time, and back in the day everyone almost exclusively used joysticks.
Gamepads can work but will limit you somewhat more than likely, any other control mechanism is pretty much balanced with the others though, they each have their own pros and cons.
Yeah these guys pretty much covered it. I'll just add that I use a 360 controller and it works nearly perfectly, the game even recognizes the Z-Axis triggers and the d-pad hat. The only problem I have is the x-axis on the right stick, seems to have some chaos demon in it. Depending on what I try to bind it will do all kinds of other crazy commands but never what I tell it. But yeah, I set up the controller for movement, hostile and escort targeting and weapons control and use the quick command menu on the keyboard for just about anything else, works like a charm!
xbox 360 controller is a bit fuzzy here.

I can't use after burners or weapon firing.

This is the only thing needed left to mod for this game to make it perfect seeing as there aren't many gamepad space games out there.

I love sitting back in the chair,2 sweaty hands clenched to the gamepad so my eyes can focus on the action on the screen.

Hunched over a keyboard trying to fnd the keys for every function is tedious at best and takes away from any enjoyment in the game.

I wish I was born with enough silver stuff to make a gamepad configuration.

This game is crying out for it.
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