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Are there any decent 'Battlestar Galactica' or 'Wing Commander' total conversions for Freespace 2?

I only knew of Beyond the Red line but that is dead..
Wing Commander

and not released yet:

BSG: Diaspora
WC Saga is in the beta test stage currently. It's actually a stand-alone (no FSO required). Check here for more info. The quality of current version is way better than the Prologue released some years ago. Due to release late 2011/ early 2012.
Post edited October 09, 2011 by damson
so i've been wondering if anyone knew any news on this game?

Diaspora:Shattered Armistice.
from reading their post(their wiki) , it was suppose to be released in 2011, but cant seem to find any newer news about the status of the game. from their trailer it look so awesome.
and the "btrl" demo was great. the graphics were awesome.

the trailer looked pretty good and it seems like they were all most done..?
WC Saga has been released.

You can keep up with BSG Diaspora development news here:

general news here:

and here: