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I can rant and rave about the technical prowess of Freespace 2 (and its predecessor), but why repeat what is already well presented on this page. What I will say about Freespace 2 is it isthe pinnacle of a lost genre. The Space Opera that was started by Chris Robert's Wing Commander series (reaching near perfection in WC3 and then "Jumping the Shark" in 4) is polished, and beautifully finished in Freespace 2. Games produced after FS2's release are mere shadows of this amazing title. The story is masterful. And even though you play a "Jet" jockey, you genuinely feel a part of the grand plan. The X Series and Freelancer lack the intimacy that makes you care about the other pilots and the missions outcomes. Your actions mean something. game designers today rarely care about the trip you take while playing their games, it seems only about amazing action or over-the-top gore. Because of the amazing attention spent on the flight and fire mechanics of the fighters, you can actually spend time considering the best approaches to each mission. This game embodies the "It" factor when it comes to classic PC games.
For some interesting retrospective on classic PC gaming, purchase the Descent series along with the Freespace series and you can see the evolution of this amazing game!
I can only hope the Space Jockey .