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I've searched here and in other places, hoping to find a solution, but I didn't even find anyone having this problem. My cursor acts very strangely in the game. Horizontal movement seems fine, maybe a bit too sensitive, but nothing too problematic. However when trying to move vertically, sensitivity is way lower and it's impossible to move it in a straight line. Cursor wobbles around, tries to make circles, speeds up and down.
I've tried changing some settings in control panel, changing resolution, tried it in windowed mode, none of this works. Anyone else encountered this and maybe has a solution?
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Howdy Hillstorm, sorry to hear that! Yeah, I've never encountered such a bug.

First off, which game is this for? What're your system specs? What version of Windows do you have, etc?

My first suggestion would be to try the game in compatibility mode for XP SP 2 or 3. That has helped with a lot of my issues for both games. You could try different options in that setting and likely find more stability.

Second, I'd recommend you join the FF community at, where you're a lot more likely to find help, plus a TON of awesome resources for both games.