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...which can customize your created heroes, so they are avialable as campaign-form characters.
What I mean: you create your hero, then run this tool, and you can mark this hero as campaign-recruitable character, with some starting skill, where you then can buy the skills, you chose at creation, later.

Does anybody know this tool and where I can get this? I know there IS such a tool somewhere... (I used it severeal years ago.) But I can't remember, where I got this.

Reason: I want to play Patriot City. But with El Diablo or another hero except Green Genie and Tombstone. (The standard-built in-Heros.) But all Heros are too expensive, if they are in normal custom form, so I need them in campaign form with buyable skills, which aren't availabel from start on.

The FFX Control Center does NOT provide Campaign-form for custom heroes... or does it? If yes, I don't know how, and I didn't find any manual for this...