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I found out the other day that the first game was made into a 6 part comic book. Now, being as the first game isn't here on GOG, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is an electronic version available anywhere, such as a PDF.

It might help those who've not played the first game (and cannot because it isn't here on GOG) as it would give them the backstory.

I played the first game a fair few years back now, but think I only got about half-way through it. Just started it again, in fact, as I've got a version here (though would still welcome it to GOG). But other GOG members may only have the second game.
This question / problem has been solved by Matchstickmanimage
The comic was printed by Image comics and they have not released it in any electronic form.

I maintain that if you have not played the first game you can still follow the story by playing the second one, there is a recap at the beginning of the game that covers all the important plot points. Yes, you do miss out on some of the funny banter or the more substantial introduction of characters but you get what you need to know to make sense of the plot this game.

The secret origin stories for the heroes are included in the game in the training/upgrade section for each character (Liberty Lad excluded, as his was a level in the original game but there is a write up of it on his info tab in the training section)
Well, I've found an electronic copy via Google searching. All 6 comics in one archive, all images being high quality scans. Don't know if I can share the link here though.