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I see in GoG this is version 0.6
So... There is more to come?
I just finished the game, it was great. The places I got stuck on could have been avoided though:

At the part where you need to cut the basket to get a lemon, if you try it when he is there, it has a generic "won't work!" text when a much more appropiate text would be something like "he'll see me!"

When you need a ticket to enter the bar the very first thing I tried was forging a ticket with the crayon, which again has a generic fail text. Since later on the idea is viable, perhaps there should be text when you receive the real ticket like "so this is what a ticket looks like"

The changing seasons rapidly without waiting for the next season in sequence wasn't really discoverable without external help, and it didn't seem to affect anything anywhere but the bar. I could easily see I need to alter the piano to alter the tempo, but didn't know you can cycle over winter immediately to spring. Mr. Midnight's help text in the scenario indeed regards seasons, but I simply don't think the player would try rapidly clicking on the remote. This might be resolvable if there is text from the clocksmith immediately when he gives you the remote that you can skip entire seasons. Or you could make it where you click the season and it goes to it instead of cycling in order.

Aside from the statue with the moving arms puzzle being disproportionately easy with the rest of the puzzles in its area I was very happy with the puzzles in this game.

I did notice issues in the island house with the sisters. If you try to use an item on the banquet table there are problems with the text being truncated.

I believe there are continouity issues in a few areas in the game (I don't remember all of them, maybe I'll take notes when I play new games from now on) An example is when you exchange your ticket #7 for ticket #2 and try to use it on the NPCs, the dialogue for ticket #7 appears, when you'd expect "why would I change this #2 ticket?"

I've never made a topic in this forum (I just realized you can post from the GoG Galaxy Client)
If this kind of feedback is valuable, I can replay the game and take notes.
Hello Felix-the-Ghost,

I work with the developers of Fran Bow (Killmonday Games) on another forum and just signed on here as a result of your post to try to answer your questions.

Regarding if there is more to come . . . it depends on what you mean. If you mean, will the Fran Bow game you just finished have any more as part of this game . . . the answer is no. This Fran Bow game IS finished as it is.

But, if you mean will there be more of Fran and Mr. Midnight, and her world, I suggest you take a look at this video Natalia and Isak (the two-person indie studio, Killmonday Games), did recently: If you have time, you may wish to look at the entire video which is about 93 minutes in length, but the link above will take you to the section of the video where Natalia and Isak discuss a sequel to Fran Bow or Fran Bow 2.

Thank you for your suggestions regarding how to prevent players from getting stuck in the game. Natalia and Isak do review all gamer comments on all the stores where the game is sold, and consider such feedback invaluable to their game making process. I cannot guarantee that your suggestions will be incorporated into the game, but I can guarantee that they will consider all suggestions/comments made. So if you wish to make more such comments and suggestions, they are welcome, provided you understand that they have final say in such suggestions, of course.

I can tell you too, that such suggestions may not be incorporated into the game any time soon because all of Natalia's and Isak's time is being spent currently developing their new game, called Different Galaxy. If you wish to learn more about this game, please check out this link:

Thank you again for your feedback on the game, and for your support of Killmonday Games and your purchase of the Fran Bow game.
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