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sarahewarren: Hi! Just purchased the game yesterday and I’m loving it so far! A question for you (that you might not like): any possibility of releasing a walkthrough? I hate getting stuck, and would love to finish this first chapter! Beautiful game, story, and atmosphere. It’s a really pretty style of graphics, and I can even play a game like this with my children!

Thanks in advance...
Gingertips: hi!
We are sure there will be lots of walkthroughs eventually. Right now we don't really want to spoil it for people because some puzzles have more than one solution. By now if you get really stuck, you can turn on the smart cursor in the preferences. Or all the other things for the easy mode)
Yeah, that doesn't work, and its insulting to people who get stuck. In the absence of a hint structure - which is in any case very much preferable to wakthroughs - a walkthrough is only being nice. Especially when you run into one of the "puzzles" that doesn't HAVE a rational solution.

And people playing the whole game and putting it on youtube don't count. That's not a walkthrough, that's watching somebody ELSE play. There's no way to pick out just the one hint you need to get unstuck when you have to sit through 30 minutes or more of a playthrough. That inevitably spoils the whole thing.

Frankly I'm sorry I spent a penny on this game at this point, given this sort of attitude on the part of the creators. It's bad enough I have to wait years for the rest of the game. I shouldn't have to wait years for a hint system - or at the very least a written "walkthrough" that you can scan for just the info you need - on top of all the rest of the waiting.

I've been adventure gaming since there were first computer based adventure games. I know how they go. And a hint system is an absolute boon to us all.
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