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I read about party transfer eob 1 to eob 2.i read some folks here said itz possible.i followed the orders of the dungeon master and copied eob 1 file save into eob 2 save didnt work. In order to the fact that an old file disc is required to make it was said and it was done: i installed an usb stick drive into my pc chassis and it didnt work too.guess the devs forgot the progress of time as even to program the rest of the game as we all know at the door with the skelet warriors the game is ceased.(see my reviews)
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If I am reading this correctly, the problem is the game asks for a floppy disk when transferring a party from EOBI to EOBII. Having the games on cd, I have seen this problem when installing the game. To get around it, I manually copied the files to the hard drive and ran the install program from the hard drive. This is not possible for you because you do not have the original disks. I would suggest installing WinImage or similar software, create a floppy image and copy the .sav files to it. Then use the floppy image to transfer the file. Also, Windows 10 does not seem to like .iso images, it usually reports the "image is corrupted" when mounting. Try WincdEmu to mount. BTW, DaemonTools Lite does not work on Windows 10 after a certain build.
I transfered my party some months ago while doing a EOB and EOB2 play (can't stand the 3rd) and had problems while trying to transfer having cloud saves on.
Disable that and copy the file: all should yo perfectly.