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Hello all,

This game's soundtrack has a very special charm and I'm surprised it isn't available anywhere besides MIDI format. So I'm making my own one which I want to share with all of you... If I can make it happen, that's it. Sadly, with the default midi libraries that charm is lost and it just doesn't sound as good as it does in-game.

I've already tried several different soundfonts but the results aren't good. I know there must be one laying around somewhere. Somebody in 2010 made a few uploads on youtube which I believe match the game version perfectly, you can find it if you search "Menzoberranzan - PC DOS soundtrack 04" (sorry, can't post links here) I'm trying to get that sound or anything that comes close to it.

There is a comment in that "video" that mentions a "AWE-32 sound card". Again, I've tried what I could find there and no good results either. I'm feeling pretty lost right now and I really don't want to record the 50 tracks one by one in-game, heh.

Any help or suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated. A link to the .sf2 or just a name, anything.

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One of my favorite soundfonts, including this game, is AnotherGS v2.x. (