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Meaning not thrown with a normal attack (right clicking in a character's hand) but in the in-game window with the projectile picked up in your cursor?

I noticed a regular right-click attack with a projectile doesn't get a Strength modifier to damage, so it's safe to assume throwing it from the cursor with left-clicks doesn't give a damage modifier since technically nobody is throwing it. (Although I don't know if regular right-click throws implement the DEX bonus to hit like the manual claims, so I guess that's a secondary question for anyone that knows the game's mechanics well)

I'm guessing then that there's no damage or to-hit modifier on left-click throws from the cursor, so are manually-thrown projectiles coded to work as if they were thrown by a character with, say, 10 STR and 10 DEX (no modifier, plus nor minus, to hit or to damage)?

With the All-Seeing Eye, I was able to test manually throwing regular melee weapons (Axe, Short Sword, etc.) and they're all coded to do a single point of damage, no more and no less, which makes sense, but manually throwing projectiles in the same manner seemingly does its base damage (e.g. Guinsoo does 1d4+4). Just wondering if there were any other modifiers or weird properties of throwing projectiles manually.
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