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Hi all!
I encountered a strange possible bug in my latest playthrough of Pools of Darkness. After dimensional travel (back from Thorne), I noticed that my dual-classed Fighter/Thief (Fighter 18, Thief 24) doesn't do backstabs anymore. (Before you ask: Yes, I do know how to use backstab in combat correctly.)
This has never happened to me before and I've played the game many times, although I'm playing it in V1.10 for the first time (I used V1.00 in the past.).

Dual-classing does seem to be a bit buggy. The well-known bug regarding multiple attacks on dual-classed characters could be easily circumvented via hex-editing. So I'm hoping something similar can be achieved in this case.

So here's my question: Does anyone with experience in hex-editing know where in the character files the offsets for backstabbing are located? (I know where to find the offsets for all the thief-related skills like Move Silently, Read Languages and so on, but backstabbing isn't a skill in this sense, so I don't know where to look.)

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be glad to hear them. Thanks in advance!

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DoctorPirx: (Before you ask: Yes, I do know how to use backstab in combat correctly.)
In that case I have no idea. I've never heard of this bug before.

BTW "Read Languages"? Really? If so, I'm pretty sure it's not used in the game, unless it governs the ability to use scrolls.
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You could try to replace this character with an earlier version from an earlier save which still can backstab and use the editor to raise the XP to the current level.