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I have no idea if there is place to report bugs and since this is a utitlity for an old game I wasn't even sure if gog made it or what. But if you play around with the rune translater I was able to write the whole alphabet except for it went OPQD with no R.

heck I dont even know if it is a bug maybe back in the 80's this wierd rune alphabet had two D's lol guess someone wanted to gives us the D, in the wrong place.
Sadly you are right. This makes the game unplayable using the code wheel translator supplied by GOG in some parts. For example the passwords on the castle (unfortunately the two set of runes of the translator have the same bug) are always wrong using this utility (the D on the two passwords is a R, in one of the passwords just the first D).
Post edited February 06, 2017 by RPGDEX