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- Started EOB with default party and (no thief), leveled (party level 7-8) & completed the game with those 4 defult party members and 2 dwarves.

Copied eobdata.sav over to EOB II folder. Launched EOB II and imported my party. The game did in fact see all 6, I chose the 4, leaving the dwarves behind. Everything was fine, of course a few items were not there, as expected, but all characters were still levels (7-8) with some good gear. All seemed well.

Played game 10 mins or so and discovered a Thief but did not let him join my party. It wasn't until a little later (6 minutes or so, and I already saved) that I discovered I really did & do want a thief in my part to unlock certain doors.

Not too far into the game I decided to copy the eobdata.sav file over again from EOB I and start again so I could add the thief to the party to unlock the newly discovered locked doors on level 2 (up the stairs).

Problem? This second time around, no matter what I seem to do or how many times I copy eobdata.sav over, EOB II now doesn't seem to reconize the eobdata.sav file properly (or something); when I copy (loaded eob and checked, the file does contain characters level 7-8) the eobdata.sav file over into the EOB II folder and try to import that 'leveled' eob party into EOB II, it just 'somehow' only sees the 4 character party as level 2-3 which was, of course, the original default party (level 2-3) that I started out with, basic gear and all.

I don't know what is going on. I even uninstalled EOB II last night and re-installed it.

Launching eob I to make sure the charaters are in fact leveled and equipped, I exit out (or complete the game, tried both) and copy eobdata.sav over and again, it just seems to import that same default.

I don't know what's going on, this just doesn't make any sense to me.

Anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this seemingly bazaar occurance?
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I discovered that all I had to do was just go back to his cell; he doesn't even leave his cell after you free him. Walked in and he again asked to join me.
Unable to 'solve' my problem I decided I'd just bite the bullet on the 'saved' game of not letting Insal join my group to open those 3 'locked' doors and, instead, pulled over my back up files, loaded up the 'very first' and only successful 'transfer' of my 'leveled' eob party to eob II (no trap-monkey).

Exploring everywhere up there (except the three locked doors I couldn't pick) I eventually went back down and rushing, stumbled back into Insal's 'already' open door, low and behold it appeared that he was 'still there'!!

Earlier I let him go, refused his help then saved the game!

Humored & thankful, it seems the developers (before or after) seems to have taken my 'exact' situation into consideration (unless he always did stick around) for apparently, as it would seem, even if you don't let Insal join your party, he 'doesn't actually even leave the dungeon!

Insal apparently he just remains freely in his open cell hanging out pouting & moping about.

... eobdata.sav not working 'problem' still makes no sense (maybe you can only import it once?), but I thought I'd come back here and put this down so that if anyone came along that cared enough to answer would know I was able to just carry on with no problems and unless I play the game again I won't be bothering to trouble shooting it.

... though no one has responded, if you've reading this to help, it's all good, thanks for your time anyhow.

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