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So I tried some of the Ioun Stones in Curse of the Azure Bonds and am now having a problem with attributes that are too high. When I noticed screwy attribute scores I unreadied the stones, but it seems to be too late.

My fighter now has a strength of 50. She came in from Pool or Radiance. Movement of only 3 squares, even with an encumbrance of zero and no equipment. A tank with no treads.

My cleric, also brought in from Pool of Radiance, has a 100 strength. Wohoo. Except it doesn't seem to translate to extra damage in melee.

I'm using a MacBook (the netbook kind that's a string shy of a kite). Even if I had a copy of Windows I doubt I could run a VM and Windows, just to fix the attribute scores of these two characters.

Is there a kind soul that can adjust my attribute scores back to more sensible values?

Thanks in advance if I can email the .cha files to you.
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