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Yeah, I'm into music. But what I don't get is Poolrad, which I just downloaded, has no music during the intro/title screen.
I seem to remember my PC XT's tinny speaker (Yes, I'm dating myself lol) putting out some beeps and boops which what can be considered music. But on my gaming laptop I get nothing. (1) Is there music?

Also, I haven't begun to play the game yet as I just learned that I have to use '1' and '7' to cursor thru the characters on the selection screen or else I'm cursor-ing up and down to no avail BUT (2) are there any sound effects in the game?

Finally, do the other Gold Box games in the series have music/sound effects?
I remember purchasing an ad lib sound card and installing it to get sound but I'm hoping the re-release versions on newer PCs would account for this?

Any help/info is greatly appreciated. I apologize if this has been asked before but I did search the forums first.
The Amiga version did have music, I don't remember if the DOS version did.

Sound effects are mostly PC speaker bleeps in PoR. Later games had proper sound effects (adlib for the time, I would imagine) and music.
I remember playing this on my Tandy 1000 back in the day, and there was most assuredly music that played both at the title screen as well as during the start of battles -- the music stopped once the first battle sound effect played. We never owned any computers other than Tandys at the time, so I know for certain I'm not mis-remembering playing on an Amiga. To this day I've still never even touched an Amiga or Commodore.

The same music in Pool of Radiance was used at the title screen in Curse of the Azure Bonds as well. The 3-voice music sounded great on the Tandy.

You can set your "machine" setting to "tandy" in the dosbox conf file to at least hear the improved 3-voice sound effects, but I don't believe you'll hear the music. There must be different versions of the games, with and without music included.
Only the early versions (1.0, maybe 1.1) of Pool of Radiance offered music for the introduction and before combat.

I provided GOG with an early version of Pool of Radiance for DOS almost a year ago now, but it still has not been added.